Sunday, July 31, 2005

Built a Fort/Sandbox for Caiden yesterday

Caiden had this small 5'x4' sandbox that he has out-grown. I've always had this little 6'x10' patch of dirt in the back yard that I wanted to build a fort/sandbox for Caiden and all his friends that come over. So with Alene's blessing, I got it done.

I poured the cement for the support 4'x4' posts on Thursday night:

Then I put up the beams and the floor:

Then I added the sand box and the ladder that will get you to the top:

Then I added the walls. Had to make a solid wall for the back that is on the fence-line so the kids don't toss stuff into the neighbors backyard. Also had to cut down a lot of branches that were in the way (the trees that border my property are these nasty cherry/plumb-type of trees that put out this putrid fruit that falls all over my backyard and stinks it up if I don't clean it every 5 days):

Here is the 85% finished product. Still need to add a slide on the right side and cut in the "escape hatch" that will allow them to open on the floor and climb down a rope ladder. Also have to add the roof and sand (obviously), so maybe I'm only about 70% done :) . I'll get most of that done w/in the next couple of days.

Update: Here is the finished product


  1. that is awesome ty! caiden will love it.

  2. Anonymous10:48 PM

    nice job ty. looks pretty sweet. i think you need to pusue this new endevor. big money in it. ha ha. but seriuosly, that is sweet. and i am sure your boy is gonna love it

  3. Anonymous10:49 PM

    that last post was from me ty. jeremiah

  4. Hi,
    Just a comment on the powerlines running above.
    Im sure you thought of it, but they better not be live to touch, a fishing rod, stick etc from the top window is reachable and potentially deadly....