Monday, July 11, 2005

Had a good time this weekend

Went with Alene and Caiden down to our family reunion in Fairview, Utah. We've done it every year that I've lived here (except the first year I moved here, which was at my Aunt Claire's MIL's house in Midway).

We got down there on Friday and settled into our Cabin. I played some golf and Alene took Caiden to the pool, which was cut short because a baby decided to have some diahrea in the kiddie pool. They made a rule from there on out that no babies were allowed in the pool, even with swim diapers. Oh well.

Anyway, we rented some 4-wheelers and had a blast. I've loved motorcycles and 4-wheelers since I was young. I used to ride dirt bikes a lot when I was in Jr. High. There is such a fun feeling on them of freedom to go anywhere you want. It was a blast. We took Caiden on a ride on Saturday morning as well. He had fun. I even let him drive. He did a good job. I would sit back and let him steer and give it gas as he drove. It was a 350 Yamaha and he handled it quite well, considering that his feet couldn't even touch the foot pedals (it was an automatic). He drove us home for about the last mile. I think it made him feel pretty special.

I also took Caiden golfing. He lasted about 4 holes before he was tired of it and didn't want to golf anymore. Still, it's a proud moment golfing with your son :-).

We swam a lot on Saturday. Golfed in the morning too. I had a better day that day (shot a 40). We had our family get-together that night. The theme was 50's, so we all had to dress up like someone from the 50's. Alene was able to borrow a poodle skirt and shirt. I put Caiden in some jeans and a Tee shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I dressed up like a 50's basketball player. I wore the shortest shorts I've ever worn, geeky Buddy Holly glasses, and a basketball tank-top. Also wore a head band. Here are the pictures:

It was fun to see the little nephews do their skits and stuff. One of my cousin's sons (who is 6) takes a hip-hop dancing class. He was hilarious. All serious out on the floor doing all these moves, then looking to see everyone's reaction.

We spent the rest of the night playing volleyball and just hanging out. Alene and I went to the cabin next to ours where Nate, Krystal, Brock, and Amanda were staying. We played Texas Holdem. It came down to Brock and I who had the most money and in order to end it, we bet everything we had at the end. I lost the last hand very closely (he had a pair of Jacks and I think I had a pair of 9's). It was fun. I'd like to play that more.

Sunday we got up and just got ready to go. On our way home we drove up Fairview Canyon and along the Skyline drive. It was the most amazing country I've ever seen. I could not believe there could be something so beautiful up above the San Pete Valley. Full of Aspen's and pines and lakes everywhere. Someday I'd like to spend a whole day driving the Skyline drive. It's mostly dirt road, but just beautiful. It drives right along the Eastern mountain range from the valley. There was even some snow up there. There are so many trails up in the area. Someday I want to take a 4-wheeler up there and just explore it all. The Skyline trail runs from Highway 6 to the north, down to I-70 at the south. All of it is dirt road (according to the map). Along the way, it passes about 4 or 5 lakes. We saw Huntington resivoir and Fairview Lakes. We continued on the main route (off of Skyline drive) heading NE toward Electric Lake and Schoefield resivoir. Both just beautiful, although I think I like Electric Lake better. Electric lake was so rugged and lonely. My brother in-law (Jere) said it used to be pretty full, but some miner was digging close to the south end and hit the bottom of the lake, which drained it. I could tell from my pictures what he was talking about.

Anyway, spent last night just un-packing and relaxing. Picked up Tim's car and had fun getting used to driving that. I'm going to get too attached to it while he's gone :-).

I'm going to be very busy this week. Got a big tub-tile job to do this week. I feel rested enough to get it done quickly though.

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  1. I visited Fairview last week end and found it to be a very nice place. I even had a little to eat at a SMALL cafe.