Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Had a fun past weekend

Even though it's already the middle of the week, I am going to post about it.

We left for my parents after church on Sunday and hung out there for a bit. Our plan was to head up to the Payson Lakes area, which is part of the Mount Nebo Scenic loop. I've never been up there before, so had no idea what to expect. We don't like to camp in camp-sites, so we planned on just finding a place on the side of the road.

The following went:

Me, Alene, and Caiden

Kristen and John (Friends, Alene works with Kristen)

Amanda, Brock, and their son Jonathan (my sister and her family)

Krystal and Nate (my sister and her husband)

Bobby (one of my brothers)

Alana and Billy (more of my siblings)

So we a little trip up through Payson and to the back of the town and you take this small road, which w/in 10 minutes becomes some of the most beautiful scenery you can see. It's covered with Aspens and Pine trees. Take away the pine trees and you'd think you were in the Sierras (where I grew up). It was beautiful. It took us about 30 minutes total to get up the canyon. Krystal and Nate's car broke down about half way up, so we had to make arrangements. Good thing Bobby's truck was a X-cab and had extra room for them.

We found a dope little campsite and set up. It was so nice being up in that area. I wanted to stay longer, but we only had Sunday night and Monday day.

We had tin foil dinners (mine was cut-up marinated steak strips, and veggies: Delicious). Plus, we had all kinds of snacks/drinks to eat. It was fun just being with family and friends and having a good time. Caiden had a blast too. His favorite part of camping is wearing the headlamp flashlight.

I dig wearing them too. I picked up on it from Alene's sister and brother in-law, who wear them as soon as it gets dark when camping. It makes total sense. Why carry around a flashlight trying to cook, or look for things, when you can wear one on your head in convenience? I won't have it any other way.

I definitely want to go back up to the area and stay longer. It's a place I'll go a lot from now on. Here is more info on the nebo loop:

4th of july we made it back home. I was sooooo tired. Alene took Caiden for a bike ride to the park while I napped. When she got back, we rode our bikes up to Sugarhouse Park and watched the fireworks.

Riding bikes to and from that mad-house is the only way to go. There had to literally be over 50k people there! The streets were a walking nightmare for drivers. People just walked down the middle of the streets with no regard for cars trying to get down. It was nuts. The ride up there killed me, but the ride back (mostly downhill) was awesome and refreshing. I loved being at the 4th of July with my wife and son. It is a great feeling.

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