Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Got pretty pissed off last night

So I went on an evening bike ride with Alene and Caiden. We rode to liberty park, let Caiden play on the playground, then rode home. As we were getting close to our home, we went to cross 3rd east (which is a somewhat busy street for only a 2-lane street). We were at a cross-walk and started across it with a car about 1/4 mile away and noticed he had no intentions of slowing down, he sped up. As he got close, I jumped back and made sure Caiden and Alene got out of the way. The dude was some little gang-banging wannabe in a small rice-rocket. I raised my hands and flipped him off and he honked at me as though I was doing something wrong (like "get out of the street"). He just kept on speeding by us at about 45 mph (on a 25 mph street).

I was pissed. The main reason was beecause homeboy acted as though he was in the right.

My initial thought was just anger. I wanted to kill him, but I first turned to check on Caiden and Alene. They were fine.

I'm still pissed about it. As we rode home, we went in the same direction as the car. I noticed about 1/4 mile down the road that he was stopped behind another car at a stop light. I wished I would have immediately taken off after him when it first happened, but he was going so fast I didn't even consider it. I could have easily caught up with him and likely kicked in the side of his car, or tossed my bike onto his front hood.

Oh well. I still wish I could have at least got his license plate # and called the police with a vehiclure manslaughter attempt or something.

In all, thinking about it, it was best that I didn't take it further. Who knows if he was a .00005% brain user that would have been dumb enough to pull out a gun or something. Still, in those moments I feel like Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love where he has so much love, that he turns almost into a super-human and beats the crap out of 3 dudes.


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