Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Had fun yesterday

Yesterday was the actual celebration of the 24th of July. Had to work 1/2 a day yesterday though, but not a big deal.

Anyway, got home and took a dip in the pool we set up in the back yard. That water is COLD! It takes a while for the sun to really bake the stuff until it's nice water to swim in. Caiden and his friend James had fun. I like to run and do a full jump and 1/2 turn and land in side of it. I'm a little peeved though because the upper part (which holds air) of the pool liner has a leak, so it's pretty flat, but the pool still retains water pretty well. I'll need to patch that thing shortly. I hate finding leaks.

Alene's cousin's came over later on and we had a BBQ before heading over to Liberty Park for the fire works. However, during that time I started working on something I've been wanting to do forever. Build an outdoor toybox. It took me about 1/2 hour to frame it. I now have to go buy a sheet of OSB today to finish the outside on it. I love using my tools, especially my nail gun that I got from my family for my BD. I wish I had more stuff to use it with! I will soon enough (have to put on a roof next spring).

Anyway, after eating, we walked over to the Park and found a good place to see the fire works. The park is HUGE (2 blocks by 4 blocks) and they were setting the fireworks off across the street from the SE corner. We made our way through the thousands of people and found a PERFECT spot close to the corner of the street and set up. We sat for about 20 minutes and saw an amazing show. It was cool to see and feel the fireworks explode right in our faces. Just a cool feeling. Caiden enjoyed it too. I'll post some pictures to this thread later on. Got a cool picture of Caiden waving one of those glow in the dark braclets in front of his face.

Anyway, it was a good day.

Here is our lucious pool :-).

This is Caiden with a glow stick in his mouth :-)

This is Caiden waving a glow stick in front of his face.

Here are some pictures of the fireworks we saw at Liberty Park.

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