Tuesday, July 19, 2005

SWEET! I'm an HTML genius!

I just figured out how to tinker with the template. For starters, I changed the entire template as it is (picked a different one). Blogger then allows you to toy with it a bit too. The one thing I hated was how skinny and narrow the text area for each of my posts was. I found an area that said something relating to the header width and the content and main width (I think that was what I found?) Anyway, I kept tinkering with it and widening it. I wanted to be able to pretty much take up the whole page.

Any feedback from others? Does it fit your screen? Does it appear harder to read? I figured if my writing was in less lines, that it would be easier to read.

Feedback please?

The funny part is that I do realize that what I did is pretty much "HTML 101", but when I first figured it out, I felt like one of those computer geeks you see on the movies that can crack into any database and do crazy stuff. I felt like I was the smartest person alive. Now that it's worn off, I feel like an idiot for feeling that way. Oh well.

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