Saturday, July 16, 2005

I always forget what I want to blog

I consider my blog my journal (from here on out). It would stuck if somehow the Blogger server crashed and lost everything I ever did. I want this blog to be my lifes writings and work (for the most part). I type so much faster than I can write. Throw in the fact that even I can't read my own handwriting and it's a win-win situation (as Stephen R. Covey would say).

So anyway, while I'm out and about I often have all these thoughts that I wish I could blog. Stuff that really is important. Things I want to remember, etc. Still, doesn't happen. Upsets me to no end.

Anyway, one thought that has been weighing on me for sure is the thought of what kind of person I am and how I want to be remembered. It's interesting that when we're younger (babies, toddlers, elemetary, middle, Jr. High and even High schoolers) we can only seem to think about the now, not the future. We seem to just focus on what makes us happiest and the things we want then and now.

As I'm older, with a son, and an amazing wife, I tend to only think of the future and the legacy I want to leave my family when I leave this life. My thoughts dwell on this mostly because of my reading and study of history. I've been focusing a lot lately on the "Greatest Generation", which is of the people of WWII. I recall as a lad (well, about 18 years old) hearing of Tom Brokaw's book come out about them, with the title being that what they were (The greatest generation). I was a dumb kid, not knowing much about our history and involvement of WWII. Knew of Pearl Harbor, knew about Hitler and his ideals, knew about what the Jewish people went through, knew about our "storming the beaches of Normandy". However, with all my knowledge, I had no idea what each person went through personally. I've recently been focusing on history of that erea just through a few boooks/movies.

The first was Band of Brothers. Saw the TV series first, then started reading the book. I'm about 3/4 way through the book. Great TV series and an even greater book.

The second was another book I've been listening to on my ipod (audio book) called "Medal of Honor: Profile of America's Military HHeroes from teh Civil War to the Present". It's a great book that tells individual stories of people that earned the Medal of Honor. The losses of life and the way they are lost is a lasting impresion on me, in addition to those that survived some of the most amazing battles and what they do with their lives.

I was also reading this story by Rick Reily, who writes for Sports Illustrated. My list of Hero's continues to grow. I hope to someday at least be someone that was well-respected by my family, my peers, and those I associated with. I have sincere feelings on helping people and being a good person. I just hope I come out that way.

I'm just forever greatful for all the sacrifices those have made for this country and for humanity in general.

That is all.

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