Monday, December 25, 2006

Pictures & Video clips from Las Vegas

I've got some great Pictures and Video Clips from the Vegas trip we just took. BYU won 38-8 over Oregon in the Las Vegas Bowl, which was fun.

Las Vegas Trip

Curtis Brown's TD

John Beck's TD run

Walking by John Beck on the field

John Beck's speech after the game

A movie headed up by Tim

This was a film we made back in 2005 for the LDS 24 hour film festival. Basically, Tim went down to the HQ, plopped down the $$ for the entry fee (not sure how much), and they gave us a few things we had to have in the filem: A postcard, the words "sometimes I wonder" and some sort of theme, I think??? I can't exactly remember (help me out Tim). From that time (9am I believe), we had 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit the film. We had to use original music too. We actually didn't get together to really think about it until around 5pm, so we actually did ours in about 15 hours :-). It was a blast and Tim and Russ were the true studs, staying up the entire night editing the thing.

It premired the following Thursday (we shot it on a Friday/Saturday) at a movie theater in Orem and the film took "audience choice" award (again, from my memory). It was neat to see your film on a big screen.

Monday, December 18, 2006

BYU's recruit has a big game

JJ Diluigi is going to be fun to watch at BYU. He's not the biggest guy in the world, but he is very shifty much like Barry Sanders (no, he's not Barry Sanders, but it's the best description I could give in that he makes people miss). He ran for over 130 yards and a TD against the #1 team in the nation, DeLasalle, which has something like 5 national titles.

Friday, December 15, 2006

St. George Trip last month

I'm going to post the album and put a few teaser pictures here.

Here is the link to the album: St. George Trip

Here are the Emerald Pools in Zions National Park

Here I am crossing the virgin river at the beginning of the Narrows

Here is Brady (my nephew) jumping over a bush at Snow Canyon

Here is Alene's sandals after a hike in Snow Canyon

I watched both the OSU-Michigan game and the BYU-New Mexico game from my hotel room while Alene and the boys swam. What a cool experience

Alene and the boys at Snow Canyon

Pools of the Virgin River

Caiden and Brady

Christmas tree and Temple Square

We got our christmas tree and visited Temple Square. Here are some pics.

What my fridge looked like last week

Alene picked up the "good" beer for Bill when she was in Wyoming on a business trip

I poured myself a frothy cold one (Weinhards Rootbeer)

Various Caiden Videos and pictures

Caiden's drum solo (he's got potential)

Caiden taking target practice with my paintball gun

Caiden's BD party back in October

Caiden playing in the fall leaves

My favorite Family Guy clips

I don't watch the show religiously, but I think it's pretty hilarious.

Found this video on Youtube

What a bunch of FREAKS! Cool hair though.

Monday, December 04, 2006

What I want for Christmas

Here is my list:




Isn't this sad? I actually can't think of one thing I'd want for Christmas, other than to be harmony and totally happy with Alene. That is seriously all I'd wish for and if I got it, I'd be the happiest person in the whole world.

Oh yeah, I also wouldn't mind an HD TV :-), but that's not really do-able.

That's one thing about it; the things I really like are too expensive. I someday want a macbook too. And I want new carpet in the house. I also want a roof on the house.

So all those things will have to wait until the debts are paid off :-). Other than that, I can't think of what I'd like. Can people give me some ideas?

Having children

Late last night Alene and I were sitting in the living room just talking. We got on the subject of Caiden and our worries about him. We worry so much that he is being spoiled and get's away with a lot (being that he's an only child right now), however that topic then lead to the discussion of the children we have together and how we will treat them. We talked about our fears and about "when" we would be ready to have children (hopefully within a couple of years), then she broke down about how she really wants to be a mother.

I felt so guilty about it. I too want to have a child with her so badly, but the only thing holding us back is financial reasons, which we're trying to be smart about. We are working our way out of debt, and have a good, clear plan on when we will be out of debt and make good financial decisions, for the most part. At this point, it would be impossible to support a family the way we want to (with her staying at home and having time to devote to our children), but I could see it being doable in a couple of years, after all our debt is paid off (including student loans, cars, credit cards, etc.) I know many people (especially in our culture) may think we are putting things off all for vanity. The truth is we are not really being vain. We have never been on any sort of grand vacation, we've never splurged on anything large (except maybe my truck, which isn't even full-sized :-)), and we try our best to stay in a budget. We are mostly just trying to set ourselves and our family up to be financially stable.

Would I prefer to have children now? HELL YES, but it's not feasible right now.

Anyway, I don't know if she's going to be mad at me for talking about this, but it really made me feel closer to her in so many ways I cannot describe. Despite our problems, I love Alene so much and respect her more and more every day. I think she will be a wonderful mother to our children.