Monday, October 31, 2005

I love it when my son calls me

He has one phone number memorized: Mine :-)

I'll be doing my thing and answer my phone by saying "This is Tyler".

I'll then hear a bit of a pause than a tiny voice says, "Hi". It's Caiden. The funny thing is the small pause I have when I try to figure out who it is. It only lasts about one second, but it's just funny hearing a "Hi" on the other end.

He usually asks what I'm doing and if he can come over to my house. He's such a good boy.

Saturday was a good day

Holy crap, where do I begin. I guess I'll go in chronological order.

1. My 8th grade FB team won their game and made it to the play-offs. We beat Taylorsville 33-12. Taylorsville has an AMAZING RB that returned a KO for a TD and ran for a long TD as well. On his long TD run, we had him stuffed in the backfield, then he broke free and busted around the corner for paydirt. After that we were able to shut him down, but it was still scarry to see him with the ball in his hands.

In addition to this good news, Bountiful beat Granger. We were hoping for this because it would put us in 3rd place in the conference and set up a revenge game in the 1st round for us. We lost to Bountiful 20-19 when they scored off a 4th and long pass with about 1 minute left. We dominated them, but it was one of those games where the score didn't indicate it. They scored off a KO return and two deep passes. They could not move the ball on us other than that. I've since made changes to our personel and no one has been able to throw on us since, so I don't anticipate Bountiful doing it.

2. Got home and watched BYU slaughter Air Force 62-41. BYU was actually killing them, but AFA put in a different QB and he started throwing the ball against us (our biggest weakness is our pass defense) and started scoring a lot of their points in the 4th quarter (21 I believe). Anyway, it was good to see the Cougs dominate. Their RB (Curtis Brown) rushed for over 200 yards with 4 TD's and their QB (John Beck) had 383 yards passing and 3 TD's. He also had one pick. The sad thing about a lot of Beck's picks are that I'd guess about 5 of his 11 picks have been tipped by his own receivers. Take away those tips and he's got the same stats as USC's Matt Leinart.

3. We celebrated Caiden's BD (for the 2nd time) with his cousins and other family members at the house. It is so fun seeing him enjoy those times and the looks on his face when he opens his presents. Alene and I got him a snowboard, a game for his X-box, and an interactive Spiderman game (he puts gloves on and something around his leg and he can control spidermans moves ,as he moves, on the TV as he fights). On Thursday (a couple of days before) we went to play lazer tag with Caiden's friend James. It was a blast and I had more fun than I thought I would have.

Here are some pictures from Caiden's party:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

4. Went to a halloween party at my brothers house. I'm going to post some pictures, but leave the ones of Alene out. She thinks she looks phat. I disagree, but I'll respect her wishes.

Here is a picture of Bobby, Alana, and Krystal. Bobby is a ute fan Arrrrrrrgh!

Image hosted by

Here is my mom and dad as Mark Anthony and Cleopatra.

Image hosted by

Here is Amanda and Brock as Princess Vespa and Lonestar (or was it Princess Leia and Han Solo??)

Image hosted by

Here is Janna and Troy as Vampires.

Image hosted by

And last, but not least, here I am. I didn't dress up for the party (I know, call me a party-pooper).

Image hosted by

I spent a good part of Sunday working on the highlight video I'm making for my FB team. I've got about 2 more games to add to it before it's finished. I also might try to add our play-off games to it, but we'll see if we have time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My brother Jeff is so funny

Just read one of his blog posts at another site. I started crying from laughing so hard.

"I forgot how undignified pooping in the forrest is. I feel sorry for girls because they always have to squat. Camping was rad except for the fact that the beavers tried to sabotoge our campsite. They were beavering trees down left and right. They trees fell on tents and soon there was a beaver revolution. I said,"Heres my chance," so I jumped in a beaver suit with a can of bear in one hand and we took over the world. All the humans became extinct. In the end I had to assign jobs to the beavers. One was the CEO of the world and another had to work in the drive in at MCdonalds. Some came to realize that something was funny. "Why are you so much bigger than us. They held me down and took off my mask. I had to act quicky. I pulled out a machine gun and mowed them all down. In the end I was the last living being left on the earth. I went to hollywood and raided the studios. I even road on a train for a while. I realized the world was quite lonely so I studdied cloning. In the end I was able to make the perfect woman. A dash of Natalie Portman here, a little Judy Garland there. And to make her tall enough, Some Uma Therman. For the right eyes, Wynona Ryder. Maybe she looked like a four headed It, But she was beautiful.
The End!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Carved some pumpkins tonight

Alene and I had our friends John and Kristen over to carve some pumpkins we picked up at Alene's parents house. Here is a picture of our final efforts. They are (L-R): John, Kristen, Alene, Caiden, and Me.

Other things:

Thought this was a cool real-life heisman pose by BYU TE Johnny Harline.

And finally, a picture of my Bantam FB team (these kids are all 8th graders!)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Took a drive with Alene a couple of weeks ago

We took advantage of an actual day of nothing to do (it was a Sunday). We drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon (home of Brighton, some of the best Snowboarding on earth!) and over the mountain down into Heber Valley and took these pictures. The trees literally looked like they were on fire:

After that, we went on to Sundance resort (ski resort owned by Robert Redford). There was an outdoor artist fair going on. Alene and I looked at all the booths, then took a ride up one of their ski lifts to hike over to Stewart Falls. Here are some of the pictures of that hike:

Doing my best Gollum impersination. That rock area was wet and slippery.

This is the view looking back toward Sundance from the falls. You can't see Sundance, but you can see some houses (very nice houses). One of them had a pool on top of the roof of it's garage and an elevator that took you up to the pool.

Other things to catch you up

Have been meaning to post some other pictures of stuff.

Caiden started Kindergarten last month. Here is his picture from the morning we headed out to school:

He is doing pretty well so far. He is a little shy (as usual), but takes school serious. He had his first field trip to the zoo and I went with him. I was in charge of a group of kids from his class. Here are some pictures from that day:

I also did the finishing touches on his fort we built (almost, I actually have to add a slide to one side and add a soffit, but other than that it's done). We painted it and added trim around it. I'm going to keep the trim the natural color (I was going to paint it white, but I think the natural color looks pretty good).

As you can see, he's already got it stocked with an arsenal of weapons as should every little boy's fort be done.

My team won again this weekend

We beat the 2nd place team (Granger) 20-13 (we're currently in 4th place and just need to win our last game to remain in 4th place to make the play-offs). We always start off sluggish, then get things figured out and usually shut the other team down.

We came out on defense and allowed their fastest guy to get behind our DB's on a fake sweep-pass. After that, the defense shut them down. They scored their other TD off a 25 yd Int return (that was on the next series after their first TD). After being down 13-0, our offense kicked it in gear and we scored on some good drives, capped off by two long runs by our stud RB and a play-action pass to our TE who was WIDE open.

That was a good day, then BYU decided to get spanked by Notre Dame. However, BYU played pretty good. I knew going in that our offense would have to match their offense or we would lose. Both BYU and Notre Dames defenses are horrible. ND scored SIX TD's passing (set a school record) and passed for over 400 yards. ND had two 6'5" WR's that just dominated our 6' and 5'7" corners. It was sad. What is even sadder was that some of the TD's they got from these guys were WIDE OPEN. Our DB's would bite on a run fake, while the ND WR's were running down-field.

Anyway, I'm over it. I think BYU can still win their next four games.

Caiden's BD is this Thursday. I think we're going to take him to play Lazer Tag. He should like that. We are also having a party here for him this weekend.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I've been so worried about my son lately

He's going through a lot of changes as he grows. He started Kindergarten last month and he's had to "adapt" to my schedule, which is hectic during the fall. With my work, school, and coaching football, I feel so guilty for not having time with him as I usually do. I can tell it affects him too. There are so many times when I'm home after my day, where I just want to "veg" and not do anything because I'm so tired. I want to just sit at my computer and look up my fantasy football scores, or just watch TV. Caiden BEGS me to play a video game with him, or play football with him in the yard outside. Most of the time Alene (who is more tired than I am) will end up doing it.

I've felt like such a bad father lately.

On Sunday night I got a call from Melissa (Caidens mother) who was having a hard time getting him to go to bed. He was screaming and losing control, kicking and hitting her. I was pretty upset and I wanted to talk to him, but he wouldn't talk because he knew I was going to be mad. I then calmed down and told Melissa to tell him that I'm not mad and that I just want to talk.

When he finally got on the phone, he was calm and I could hear frustration in his voice. I felt so bad for the little guy. He's growing up so fast and having to learn about realities in life. He has a VERY hard time taking "no" for an answer. I will not give in though. He will literally ask "why not" about 5-10 times. It gets very annoying and often times I blow up at him with a loud "BECAUSE I SAID NO!" He then droops his head and sulks, feeling low.

Also, there have been times when I diciplin him, where he softly says to me, "How come it feels like everyone wishes I was dead". It hurts me so bad that he would feel that way.

The other night I was feeling so low and sad about his feelings. I wanted to comfort him and let him know I love him. I was so worried about him and his future, even though it's a blank canvas right now.

Then, yesterday he called me and just wanted to talk. My phone number is the only one he has memorized, so he'll just pick up a phone and dial it just to talk. It makes me feel so good that he has made it a point to memorize my number and that he wants to just talk. He said he didn't want to be at his grandmas house (he goes there after school) and that he wanted to come to my house after I got off work. I felt so bad because I had school after work as well. I explained it to him and he understood, but I could tell he was sad.

Anyway, it just made me feel good as a father, that he would think to call me to tell me he wants to be with me. Caiden is so important to me. I want to do everything to ensure he has a good life and an opportunity to learn how to live and love his life.

I love that guy so much.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Yes! Both my teams won this weekend

Had a good weekend (but I'm tired). My 8th grade team beat the team in front of them in the conference, 32-6. The defensive changes we made really helped and prevented the deep pass (which is the problem we faced in 2 of our 3, 1 point losses). One of my Defensive linemen also returned a fumble 60 yards for a TD. I was so happy for him because most of these linement never get that opportunity in their entire lives. He was so happy. It was good to see my boys happy after a well-deserved win. I think with this momentum, we'll win our our final two games (we should anyway, although our up-coming opponent looks pretty tough in 2nd place right now). We should win the last game as well and finish 6-3. Frustrating to think that over a matter of 3 points, we could finish 9-0. Oh well.


Later that day, Alene and I went down to the BYU game. We set up to tailgate, but a WICKED wind storm blew in and started knocking things all over the place. We ended up taking down my friends shade-tent and putting all the food in the back of his SUV. the storm died down (for the most part) so we just set up our chairs and chatted the whole time. It was still fun. We got into the stadium about 1/2 hour before KO and watched the team warm up. We had FRONT ROW seats in the end zone, so that was pretty sweet. We also happened to be in the area that the team performs the "Haka" which is a Maori war dance from New Zealand. There are many polynesians on the team and they taught it to a lot of the other non-poly's. It was cool seeing them just psyched up.

We were playing CSU and we pretty much dominated them (although the score doesn't indicate that). We won 24-14. It should have been about 31-14, but we had our TE catch a long pass, then fumble it on the 2 yard line. But, that's a part of the game. We ran all over their defense (52 rushes, 274 yards, 2 TD's) and passed when we needed to (13-18, 162 yards, one INT, one TD). The defense held CSU to a shut-out until the last seconds of the 3rd quarter.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. Now I have to get my butt rolling and finish a paper due today.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I feel cursed

We lost another game by ONE POINT today. Again, we killed ourselves.

We're now 3-3. All three losses were by one point. Two of those 3 losses we shut down their team COMPLETELY, except both of those teams returned a KO for a TD and threw two desperation passes for a TD.

Today was crazy. We were up 20-14 and there was one minute left. 4th and 12 from the 25 yard line. I called a cloud coverage, which drops my two OLB's back to help with the pass (and puts 5 guys deep to help defend the pass). The QB is in a shotgun about 7 yards deep. He takes the snap and throws the ball deep to the left corner. One WR is down there. My corner is covering him tight, both my OLB and my FS come over to help. As the ball get's closer, I have 3 of my defenders on their one WR. Their one WR somehow comes down with the catch and falls into the end zone. Tied game. They convert the XP and it's pretty much over. We didn't run the Kick off back for good field position and a few penalties killed us. Game is over.

I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

To top it off, they got in that position to score that TD because of a botched punt snap that went over our punters head and out of the end zone for a safety. That gave them the easy two points to take pressure off them. They get their safety, then we kick to them and they get a chance to put the ball in the end zone on that desperation throw.

Man, I'm mentally drained right now.

I'm going to have to make some changes on the defense now. I'm putting my two tallest, fastest guys at Corner. I have to do it for the sake of the team. I have some smaller guys with a lot of heart that have been playing there, but I can't afford to keep them there.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I love being a parent

I love the love I feel for another human being (other than my wife of course). My son (Caiden) is the world to me.

Late last week I was made aware of a story involving Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss and his brief interaction with a 10 year old boy dieing of in-operable brain cancer. It's a very touching story. If you want more details, here are some links to the story:
(scroll down to where it says "Speaking of bumps and bruises" and read that part)

This morning I saw a 4 minute special on this that went into more depth. They interviewed Weiss some more and they interviewed the childs mother. As she described how happy her son was, despite his pain, my eyes welled up with tears. Dog sports all you want, but sometimes it can do a lot for a 10 year old boy dieing of cancer.

Weiss described how the boy told him (Weiss) that he was dieing of in-operable brain cancer. That right there would make me lose it. To have to be 10 years old and explain your sitation and knowing your fate has got to be so hard to see and hear from your child.

His mother commented about his death (the day after meeting Weiss) and what she said to him as she held him in her arms as he passed away.

I cannot FATHOM holding Caiden in my arms as he goes through pain I can't even comprehend. I think if I was to lose my son though, it would be in that manner as the best possible way. It would just kill me though, holding him and seeing in his eyes, his pain. I can think of the times he was sick and he's not the kind that get's grumpy and cries. He just lays there kind of limp and lifeless. It's so sad seeing his little body so weak.

Anyway, I'm just proud of being a father. I love my son so much and I need to dedicate more time with him. Everytime I'm away from him (which isn't long, just a day or two) and I see another little boy his age, I miss him so much and I start to think about all the times I yelled at him, or got mad at him, or hurt his feelings with a stern talk. I feel like such a bad father at times. I want Caiden to know that I do love him. I want him to rush to my side for help when he needs it. I want him to feel safe and trust with me.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

We won 41-0

We played a team that hasn't won a game in a while. We felt bad for them. We were up 34-0 at the half and we put in our 2nd stringers for the 2nd half. We got into scoring range twice, then let some kids play RB that have never played it before and we didn't do so well :). Still, it was a blast to see these kids play a lot that haven't played quite as much as we would have liked to.

We are now 3-2. Our two losses were by a total of 2 points. Pretty tough, but it's all good. Our team is averaging 23.8 ppg on offense and allowing 7.8 ppg on defense. Our offense shoots itself in the foot quite a bit with mistakes like cliping and holding. When our ball carriers break loose, for some reason these kids want to push someone in the back? Anyway, tough to take. Our defense hasn't allowed anyone to run on them all season (don't even try it) but we always break down against a team that likes to pass. We had a hard time early on with this team throwing. Eventually we figured out what they were doing and got a couple of picks.

Our next two games are against teams that we beat pretty soundly last year, but they both appear to be more competative. Our last two are teams that will give us fits because they seem to be a pretty similar team to us compared to opponents they've played.

I love coaching. If it weren't for my team and the success we've had, my fav. college team (BYU) would drive me to drinking! They're not doing so well.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon working in the yard painting Caiden's fort (with Caiden). It's almost finished. When I have it completed, I'll post pictures up.