Friday, July 29, 2005

Caiden has been to two Karate lessons now

He's really soaking it up and loving it. He attends the class with kids that appear to be as old as 8 or 9, but they have two instructors and one takes the kids closer to Caiden's age and the other instructor takes the older kids.

I was watching Caiden from outside (kind of hidden so he couldn't see me because I know he would get somewhat shy/self-conscious) and he was doing very well. The one thing that impressed me the most was that while the other kids that were practicing with him would flop around on the floor and goof off while the instructor was talking, or speaking to an individual kid, Caiden just stood there calmly and didn't move. His eyes constantly followed the instructor.

It was really cute seeing him learn his 8-point blocking. Once he learned it, they blind-folded him and then put a foam stick out by him as they counted out the blocks and tried to hit him with it (slowly) in the area that the block focus' on. Caiden did very good at consentrating on blocking while he was blind folded.

He really loves Karate. It's the first formal activity (besides pre-school) that he has gotten to do. I'd like to get him in soccer or T-ball this spring as well. Once he turns 9 though, he's on the football field :-).

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