Wednesday, November 24, 2004

And then there was one

So after I had my feelings of guilt wiped away by my darwinian awakening, I found another mouse in the house! No joke. As I put my computer to sleep after posting that last blog, I walk in the kitchen and sure enough, there is another mous running along my counter top. So I set the next trap (which took a while because I couldn't get it to set) and went to bed. Woke up and the dumb sucker was caught in the trap dead. This one looks like it was much quicker though because the trap got him right on the neck. Poor little feller.

My son woke up and saw him there too. He wasn't sad or scared, he just kind of gave me the "Daddy, there is a mouse stuck in the trap" routine.

Well, hopefully that will be the end of that. I really need to weather-proof my house and seal it all off. I bet these guys have been having a field day with all the food and warmth in mi casa. No more, no doubt.

Why I know hunting is not for me

I just killed a mouse and I feel bad.

Its not like I killed it out of cold blood, like I was looking to kill it. Its just the dirty varmit has been living and mooching off me forever. In fact, there used to be 3 of the suckers in the house, but my brother (Jeff) caught the first two. Mouses, while can be looked at as cute and adorable, are actually very dirty and carry many diseases. I didn't want any of that in my house.

The last surviving mouse was a good one. No joke. The dude was cleaver and deft. He was able to somehow get the cheese off the trap with out getting caught. I think the slice of cheese was too light, so I put a giant sucker on there (which caused the mouse to use a little more effort in getting his fill). As I laid in my bed reading my sports Illustrated, I heard a loud snap and knew right away it was the last mouse.

As I grabed the trap, he was on there, alive and trying to break free. I'm positive his back was broken. The poor little sucker just looked at me with those innocent mouse eyes as if I was the devil himself. I about lost it.

Anyway, I took him out to my trash bin and opened the trap and he fell in the bin. I didn't see where he dropped, but I know he didn't make any kind of effort to get out. He just laid there.

Poor guy.

I was then imagining if there was something like that for humans and if you were to be somewhere you aren't supposed to be, a giant human trap came flying down on you and snapped your back. That would suck eggs.

I guess I can justify it by claiming to be a Darwinist.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mmmmmmm Cookies

One of the greatest feelings in the world is coming home and finding a box of cookies on your door step with no explaination as to how they got there, who made them, or even what kind they are.

I had the luxury of finding such joy.

I had spent my whole day working at my "regular" job, then came home to get changed and head off to my "other job", which tonight happened to be tiling a tub/shower at my ex in-laws rental duplex. I worked from about 7pm to 12:30am and came home beat. To my suprize this little bundle of joy was left there, so perfect looking.

The exicting thing about un-marked cookies is all the quesitons that run through your head. "Who left them here?" "Do I have a secret admirer?" "Does someone REALLY like me that much?". In fact, my impatience often gets to me and I get frustrated that I DON'T know who it was.

Either way, I'm a happy person. The best part about these cookies is that they are REALLY good. I've never had anything quite like them. They remind me of a combination between ginger snaps (sans the "snap" part because these are rather moist) and double chocolate cookies. I love how, even after being out in the freezing cold, they are still so soft and chewy. I also dig the perfect silver-dollar size of each cookie, so perfect to eat in 1-2 bites.

Life just doesn't get any better than this folks.

To the wonderful person that left this delightful occasion on my door step, I salute you. If you would like to come forward and ease my curiosity, please feel free. You know where to find me.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What up?

Dang, Its been a while since I've written anything here. I've been really busy and when I do have time to sit and write, my mind is usually not in the mood for expressing thoughts.

So its kind of weird how things are. I want a woman. Not just any woman though, I just miss true companionship and love. Its tough.

I mean, I have lots of "prospects" when it comes to girls, but all of them seem to be lacking something that messes up the entire equation. Call me picky, call me a pig, whatever the reason, its just not "there". My goodness this is sucking.

The hardest part is obviously the holidays. Man, at times I feel like Robby Hart in the Wedding Singer after Linda abandons their wedding. I HATE seeing couples happy together. I mean, I'm happy for them and everything, but its so hard during this time.

I'm not getting any younger either, or at least to my societies standards. Its tough w/in my religion and in my society being my age and finding someone willing to give you a chance. I don't feel like I'm getting or looking any younger, so now I'm hitting that "I have to get in shape" mode. I've got my gym membership and I've been going on a good, consistent basis. I will admit that working out does have more advantages than just trying to attract the opposite sex. I really feel good after I get a good work out in. I'm still worried I'm going to give up on working out sooner or later. I never maintain a good schedule for this kind of thing, but I guess we will see.

I still hate school.

Music rocks. Sometimes I want to give it all up and just focus on becoming a musician and rock star, then I remember that I don't know a lick about music, can't play an instrument and can't sing. Doesn't exactly get me excited, but a man can dream can't he? :-)

OK, homeboy needs to go to bed. I always complain about my health and how I'm always tired or lack energy and here I am staying up until midnight every night for whatever reason. One of these days I'm going to try an experiment, kind of like that Jared experiement with Subway; except his problem was too much weight, my problem is lack of good sleeping habits. For one week straight I'm going to try to get to bed by 10pm and see if I feel any better.

The key is setting up that week. I'll shoot for the first week in December.

Speaking of December, I'm pretty stoked about that month. No, not because of all the loot people score (I honestly don't care to get anything) but because I'm FINALLY going in for a consultation for braces. My teeth are so crooked, gapped and messed up that its no wonder I don't get any chicas begging for my number. Its a total confidence thing for me. I hate opening my mouth to talk, I hate smiling and I'm sure that turns off the girls from the get-go. Heck, if I DO open my mouth to talk or smile, I'm sure that is a turn-off too :-). Anyway, I've been putting this off for some time, but now I'm finally doing it. I'm making an extra $180 per month pimping out the plasma in my blood, so that should help make up the payments for braces. Kind of sucks, but whats a guy to do? I've gotta pull chicas :-).

Anyway, I said I was going to bed, and now I'm going for sure.......................yeah right.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

My stoke factor

Check it:

Beach Boys - this is not a "WE LANDED ON THE MOON" moment, but they have some amazing harmonies that if you listen closely are AMAZINGLY mixed by Mr. Wilson himself. The following are some of my favorite songs. I suggest you check them out:

Heroes and Villians
Surfs Up
Do you like worms
Little St. Nick
Sloop John B
Don't worry baby
Good Vibrations

Other stokes:

Working out
Being lazy (weird, I know)
Playing X-box with Caiden
TV Show "Lost"
Winterizing my yard
Dreaming about "what could be"
Studying History
Rivers edge (Weezer autobiography)

Friday, November 05, 2004

A day in the life of Tyler Root, the millionaire

For starters, my life would be different every day depending on the season. For now we are going to assume its November, so right between Fall and Winter (IOW, snow up in the canyons and plenty of it!)

OK, so as a millionaire, I'll have an alarm clock, but it won't be set (unless I have some engagement I need to be at early). I'd sleep until I woke up, which I am hoping is about 8am. I'd then proceed to turn on my computer, check out my fantasy football and basektball teams. Then I'd go turn on the TV and check out the news. Then I'd go wake up my son.

After my fill of information, I'd head over to the gym, drop Caiden off in the kids play room, and then work out for an hour. Nothing like a good work out. Also, can't forget some evian bottled water. Hydration is important.

Hopefully I'd be done with this by 11am.

I'd then head home, shower, and watch the History channel for a bit, while Caiden gets his fill of Star Wars X-box gaming. (one thing to note: If this is next year, Caiden would be in school, so things will change by that time).

At about 1pm, I'd head downtown with Caiden somewhere and look for a homeless person and give them a $100 bill. Then I'd head over to some low-income place and look for a single mother and give her a $100 bill. (as a millionaire, I would do this daily, serious).

At about 2:30, Caiden and I would head over to the High School that I would be a volunteer coach for and get ready for practice. I'd be at practice every day from 3:00 to 6:00, so I'd be pretty busy.

After practice Caiden and I would go home and cook dinner. I'd watch more of the History channel and also get my fill of The Daily Show. Caiden, of course, would be playing X-box. However, he can't do that all day, so we would end the evening with some math flash cards. Right now he is working on his addition properties. I'd then send Caiden to bed by 9pm and I'd go chill watching more of the History channel or a movie.

Of course, this is my Tues/Thurs schedule. My Mon/Wed/Fri schedule would go something like this:

Wake up to an alarm clock at 7:30. Put on clothes, grab snowboard and snowboard until 1pm. Give away money to needy people, go to football practice. Of course Caiden will be in tow for all of these events.

And that, my friends, is how Tyler Root, the millionaire lives his day.

I've been eating a lot of egg sandwiches lately

I have no idea why, but they have been on my pallet lately.

I start off with a tad of butter in a small pan. I let the burner slowly melt it. Then I put two pieces of toast in the toaster, but don't start toasting them right away.

Then I crack and egg into the pan and let it slowly cook, making sure it takes on the same shape as a piece of bread. Then I turn it over and smash it down so the yoke breaks and kind of blends in with the whites. I make sure its cooked on both sides. During that time, I start to toast my bread.

Once the bread is ready, I add a small amount of mayo to each piece, slap the cooked egg on and put all in my tummy. Its good.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I just got a gym membership today

so yeah, we'll see if that was a waste of money or not. I'm hoping I can stay motivated and actually go. With it only being less than a 5 minute drive from me, I BETTER use it. Plus I gotta keep up with all the other dudes out there that like to lift up their shirts and show off their abs and one of their boobs. Give me 6 months.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A few more thoughts on this election day

I was watching CNN and a commentary by some dude. He quoted a few statements by regular people, one of which was from some other dudes blog on the internet. I really wish I would know where the location of that particular blog was, but it stated my entire feelings on elections, our leaders, etc.

It read something along the lines of:

I am voting tonight for who I think will be the best president. However, when I wake up tomorrow I will be supporting whoever is in office, whether its the person I voted for or not. However, I will still be critical and voice my opinion when I disagree with the president, whether its the person I voted for or not. I am an American and the only way we will survive as a nation is if we learn to accept others for their difference in views and realize that our ability to have different opinons is what makes this country so great. After this election, we as a country need to unite and support our president, whether we voted for him or not.

Anyway, I'm sure I just totally ruined that dudes statement. In fact, I know I did. I can't do justice to what he wrote. It was like pure poetry. I really wish I could find it. Oh well, if anyone is actually reading this, they will have to try to get the best of what I paraphrased.

Anyway, I'm proud to be an American.

I used to tolerate MTV

Now the channel makes me want to puke. Over the past few days I have witnessed some of the biggest propeganda since the Nazi control over Germany.

Like I've said before, I'm not a huge political person....throw in the fact that I'm also not a huge activist when it comes to issues (I like to keep them to myself) but this shit is ridiculous. All the political shows, comercials, etc. have all been focused on how evil George Bush is and how great Kerry is. Just goes to show what money/power you can control.

This generation they are reaching out to really scares me. I'm at a loss for words now. I'm sad.

I voted today

I'm not a huge political guy and had planned on not voting or getting involved, but I did it today anway. I felt really good after doing it.

I'm very proud to be a part of America. Sure, we may have screwed over some locals when first taking over land, but for the most part I think it worked out well for everyone. Typical American demeanor huh? Well, show me an America with some seedy pasts and I'll show you any other country in this world (as old, or older than America) who has even seedier pasts.

Like I was saying. I love America. I've been studying History lately (in school, which is my major) and it has just been the basics. The first semester was the beginning of history to 1200 and the second semester was 1200 to the present day. I look at how many struggles there have been for other countries and how limited they have been to have a say in things.

I'm so happy I have been able to have a say in things for my country; whether they make a difference or not.

I was somewhat un-sure of who to vote for as president. I don't like Kerry and I think Bush is incompetent, but a good person. In the end I went with the good person. I mean, I think Kerry is alright, but I don't like his attacking personality and how much he has flip-flopped on issues. Sure, Dubya has flip flopped as well, but not as much as Kerry.

Lesser of two evils you say? Yeah, but I wouldn't call them evils, I would call it "lesser of two incompetents". Oh well. The Democratic way is the only way for me and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Not so bling bling :-(

Yeah, so I spoke a bit with Mike about what he does. Its not as easy to get into; you actually have to WORK to get there. Can you believe that? :-). Kidding. I am still intrigued by it though. Its a legit business. Mike basically told me that I would need to get on with a mortgage company as a rep, doing mortgages part time if I could. Learn that side of the business, then I could work my way into a sales rep for his company.

Like food, sales is a Love/Hate relationship too. I mean, sales can almost be like teaching for me. I can't teach "anything", but if its a subject I know like the back of my hand, I can go off on it and teach it with great detail. If I do sales, I want/need to know the product like my own son. In addition, I don't like people that much either. I mean, I like those I associate with, but I'm not one for meeting new people that much. Still, if I can get 4-5k per month out of meeting a few new people, that may not be too bad :-).

Once this football season is over, I'm going to talk to Mike about it a bit more.