Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wireless internet ROCKS!

We just picked up a D-link wireless router at Office Max for $45, but it has a $25 rebate, so we only ended up paying $20!

Anyway, I was a little frustrated becuase both my Mac and Alene's Dell laptop were able to sense the wireless connection, but we still couldn't surf the next.

I went to my trusty friends of (which contains professionals ranging from Academics, to Zephyr (literally, the owner of the famous sports hat company chats with us from time to time). Somewhere in between I found a friend of mine that does tech support for qwest internet and he called me right away and had the problem fixed in about 3-5 minutes.

Before, Alene had to run this 100' Cat 5 cable from our modem to the front room to surf the net in relaxation, now she can do it out on the front porch if she wants to.

Fun stuff!

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  1. Isn't wireless awesome? We just got it when I got my Dell laptop a month ago.