Sunday, September 21, 2008

New blog post on my outdoor adventure's site

Updated pictures of Bailey too.

Football stats

If anyone is somewhat of a stat geek like I can be, here is a link to my Sophomore team stats. It's a spread sheet in Google Docs, so there are tabs along the bottom of each game's stats, as well as the season total at the beginning.

Coaching Hats

So, I'm currently coaching two teams, the East high Sophomore teams (offensive coordinator) and Caiden's Kearns Gremlins (defensive coordinator). I wear two different hats (literally) at each game. It's a lot of work and time, but it's fun too.

So far my Sophomore team is 3-1. We won our last game 48-20 last week. It seems all impressive to be winning that well, but I can't really take much credit. I call the plays on offense and I hope the kids execute them. We do, however, have a few amazing athletes on the team who also start on Varsity. One is our QB, who is only allowed to play one half of our games so he's not too banged up for the Varsity game (he plays defense on Varsity). This kid is absolutely amazing and very responsible for our good record. Passing the football he's 9-12 for 298 yards and 3 TD's with no interceptions. However, that is not the most impressive. Running the ball he's carried it 20 times for 371 yards and 5 TD's. That means the dude averages over 18 yards per carry! He's a VERY good kid and works his tail off, so he's very deserving of how well he's played.

East Football

They let 1 coach on the field for this age group (8-9 year olds).
Caiden Football

Here are some pictures of Caiden's last game (he's # 4):

Caiden Football

I was actually quite proud. This is perfect blocking form.
Caiden Football

Monday, September 08, 2008

Are you ready for some football???

Caiden Football

Here are some photos of Caiden playing football. He is a Tight End and an Outside linebacker. He starts at TE and is a backup at LB.

I thought it was funny he ended up with #4 and in a jersey that looks like the Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre is one of my all-time favorite players in the NFL.

Caiden Football

Caiden Football

Caiden Football

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bailey is so awesome

I'm sharing more pictures of Bailey. I can't get enough of her.


Bailey & Daddy






Busier than I thought I would be

So, I've been pretty busy since Bailey was born, especially with it being Football season. She came on the second day of two-a-days, which somehow made me only miss one practice (a morning session). Alene was so good about allowing me to run off and tend to those duties.

I'm so thankful that I have a job that provides paternity leave. I get 1 week off for every year I've been with the company. I've been with them for 10 years, so you do the math.

Before the basement flood, I imagined my paternity leave days being filled with mountain biking in the mornings and lounging around catching up on sleep. It's been the exact opposite, but I honestly wouldn't want it any other way.

Anyway, Coaching is going well. I call the offense for the team this year, which is a different thing for me, being that I've been a defensive coordinator for the past 6 years I've coached. Our team is 1-1. We lost our first game 12-18 due to some bad turnovers by our RB's (3 fumbles), however one of the RB's ended up rushing for 274 yards and 2 TD's. Our second game was fun because we were down 6-20 at halftime, but in the second half we were able to use 4 of our sophomores that play up on Varsity (they are only allowed to play 1/2 of the Soph game, so we picked the second half). We ended up coming from behind to win 34-27 with these guys helping us out. They all start on the Varsity right now, so you can say it's a little disadvantage, but they're all still legitimate sophomores, so no skin off our back. We have a huge rivalry game with Highland this week. We have 6 kids that formerly played at Highland in their little league program, so it will be fun to see how that pans out.

Here is what my average day is like:

7am (ish) get up and get Caiden up, showered, and help him pick out clothes for school. Make his lunch and get him some breakfast.

8am (ish), lounge around with Alene and Bailey. Check email, waste time surfing the net. Prepare stuff for football (re-do depth chart, plan practice for that day, make notes on things that need to be improved)

9/10am to 1pm (ish) Work on the basement and try to get it ready. So far I have all the rooms sheetrocked and ready for paint except for the laundry room (not a big area) and the main room, which IS a big area, but should be easy.

2pm, leave for practice. Try to stay sane dealing with 34, 15 year olds

5:30pm, leave practice and head to Caiden's practice (which I'm an assistant coach on his team) which has already started

6-7:30pm, help coach 21, 8-9 year olds, which is even harder than the 15 year olds.

A couple of times a week I don't work on the basement and just go into work. I have to check in a couple of times as well as be available via my cell phone and the email I get on it.

Friday's can be even crazier because I'm at practice from 2:30 to 5, then break for dinner, then at the Varsity game from 6pm to 10pm or so. Saturday's are filled with Caiden's FB games and BYU FB games. There isn't a weekend this fall that is available until the end of November. It's hectic, but I LOVE it.

Anyway, it is a blast, but I feel bad for the time Alene and I don't have. She is very good about it, but it is hard for her too. I know she wants to support me, but it isn't easy.

We were able to take some time out on Saturday night and go to a drive-in movie with Bailey. We had the truck bed all decked out and cozy. It was a ton of fun and I look forward to doing it again, and next time I'll remember to get pictures.

Henry's adventures

Missing Henry

So, last week we found that Henry was no longer in his cage and it was clear he got out. He is kept on a countertop in the laundry room that sits about 42" off the ground. That has NEVER kept him from escaping if he could. In the past he has jumped of such heights in order to attempt to escape. The last time he escaped, we put his cage on the ground, filled it with food, and by the next morning we found him napping in his bedroom sound asleep. I did that this time, but he never came back.

After close to a week I figured we were doomed to start sensing the putrid smell of a dead hamster carcass, but as I was playing the xbox with Caiden, I had him run downstairs to get ready for FB practice and when he came up he said, "daddy, I just heard the most amazing sound coming from the laundry room: Henry". At first I thought it was wishful thinking on his part, so I didn't do much about it immediately (I was trying to finish a round of Call of Duty 4 on Xbox live). When my round was over, I gave Caiden the controller and went downstairs just by chance that it really was him. I walked in the laundry room and low and behold, I heard some shuffling around. I started pulling things out close to the wall and still could not see where he could be. Then I heard the noise in the trash can and I saw his little head poke up. He made a hissy/whiny sound toward me, as if he needed some serious help. I immediately grabbed his water feeder and he practically snatched it out of my hand and went to town sucking down water.

So, what must have happened was the trash can must have been out in front of the ledge of the countertop enough for him to land in there. It was loaded with a lot of dryer lint and blown insulation we had swept up from the last project we did a few weeks ago. He must have survived in there eating something, but I'm not sure what it would have been.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of Henry in the trash.

This is what the trash can looked like when I heard him shuffling around.

Missing Henry

This is him guzzling down water

Missing Henry

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sleeping Bailey

She does this a lot, but she's so cute when she does because she makes all kinds of little noises as she sleeps.


It's peanut butter jelly time

It's been a while since I've blogged. Mostly because I've been pretty busy, despite not having to work a lot since Bailey was born. She's just over 3 weeks old now and we're having fun just getting to know her more. Still, I thought I'd get more sleep than I'm getting, or more time for resting and naps and fun stuff like that. Even though Alene gets up with her every night (especially every 2-3 hours every night), I still wake up with her and don't really fall back asleep until Bailey stops crying, or sometimes I have so much on my mind I can't fall back asleep.

So, not as much sleep. Also, I'm coaching football, which takes a lot of time, but not just high school, I'm also an assistant on Caiden's team, so every day I'm gone from 2pm to close to 8pm coaching football. I still have to check into work a couple of times a week to get some stuff done there. AND, I'm trying to get our basement finished. I've got all the rooms mudded and almost ready for paint except for the main living room, where I have to take out our old heat stove and I'm replacing it with a gas fireplace.

Anyway, I really want to blog about Alene and how wonderful of a mother she has been. I honestly can't say enough about how great she is. When I whine about not getting enough sleep, I whine for both of us really, but more for her. She is the one getting up every 2-3 hours through out the night with Bailey, but here is the thing, she NEVER complains. Not one bit and she does it with an almost glee about her, like she's excited to take care of our baby. I could not ask for a better mother for our child. The thing is she could whine to me if she wanted to because she deserves it, but she never does. If it were me and I had to get up, I'd kind of be grumpy or something. Not her. She's amazing and we don't deserve her.

Bailey is amazing too. I really can see the bond she is forming with Alene. When Alene talks, she just stares at her forever. Bailey loves here so much and obviously depends on her, but she's just so cute when she's mesmerized by her mommy talking to her. I love it too when Bailey cracks a little smile. She definitely has the beautiful smile that her mom has.

Caiden has been busy with football and school. He has games every Saturday and practices 3 nights a week. It's nice for him to be able to get up, get dressed, breakfast, make lunch (usually PB&J or a turkey sandwich), and have him walk off to school with the neighbors. A few kids on his team go to his school and are even in his class, so that's nice for him to start off a new school with kids he knows. The only tough part that I'm not sure how to deal with, is that he had an incident where he was chased home by a couple of bullies yesterday. I still don't know how to deal with that. My first obvious reaction is to tell him to stand his ground and fight them, but I know it's the wrong thing. We're going to see if anything happens again. If it does, we'll take action by contacting the school, but other than that, I hope the kids chasing him were just playing around and Caiden just took them too serious.

This is life though.