Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I hung my head.....

Alene introduced this Johnny Cash song to me recently. At first I thought it was an older song he had written, but after researching it, I found out STING had actually written it and Johnny Cash covered it on his American IV album in 2002.

Johnny Cash is amazing. He doesn't have the best singing voice, nor is he an amazing guitarist, but he is the only one that could pull off the meaning of the lyrics he sings. I've also loved how, even in his old age, he listened to newer music and covered many songs by newer artists, and even sang songs that younger artists wrote for him.

This particular song made me cry. I could imagine all the thoughts this person is if I were in his situation. I would like to think I have hope that I would have God's mercy for an accident too.

I don't know where to find those sites that will stream the music for you for free, but I found the song on Youtube.

Here are the lyrics:

Early one morning
With time to kill
I borrowed Jebb’s rifle
And sat on a hill
I saw a lone rider
Crossing the plain
I drew a bead on him
To practice my aim

My brother’s rifle
Went off in my hand
A shot rang out
Across the land
The horse, he kept running
The rider was dead
I hung my head
I hung my head

I set off running
To wake from the dream
My brother’s rifle
Went into the sheen
I kept on running
Into the south lands
That’s where they found me
My head and my hands

The sheriff he asked me
Why had I run
And then it came to me
Just what I had done
And all for no reason
Just one peace of lead
I hung my head
I hung my head

Here in the court house
The whole town was there
I see the judge
High up in the chair
Explain to the court room
What went through you mind
And we’ll ask the jury
What verdict they find

I felt the power
Of death over life
I orphaned his children
I widowed his wife
I begged their forgiveness
I wish I was dead
I hung my head
I hung my head

I hung my head
I hung my head

Early one morning
With time to kill
I see the gallows
Up on a hill
And out in the distance
A trick of the brain
I see a lone rider
Crossing the plain

And he’d come to fetch me
To see what they’d done
And we’d ride together
To kingdom come
I prayed for god’s mercy
For soon I’d be dead
I hung my head
I hung my head

I hung my head
I hung my head

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend of football

It was a good weekend for football. First, the Soph team I coach won their game 43-6 and the only TD they scored off us was a lineman interception of a screen pass that he took back 70ish yards. Good for him, as it will be the only TD he likely scores in his life. It probably took him 2 minutes to run that far :).

Then the varsity rips it up the following night.

Then Caiden takes his first ever hand-off to the house for 45 yards and a TD:

Here is a video of him making a TD-saving tackle:

Here are some other various pictures of him in his game. He is the only one on the line (when he played line) that chose to get down in a 3-point stance :).

Then we go to BYU to watch them destroy the Air Force Falcons (Thanks Dad, for the extra ticket for Caiden):

Then Utah loses in the most embarassing way to a MWC doormat in UNLV 27-0.

To top it all off, my wife is HOT!!

Today we have a primary program at church, then we are going to try to go on a little hike before heading to my parents for a BD party.

What a great weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2007

If I were a toy........

.......according to my nephew, this is what I would look like. Lanik named this particular toy after me on his trip from CA to UT.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Man, this must be the longest I've gone without a blog post

I've just been very busy with nothing much to say, or at least, when I have time I don't think of much.

Football season takes up a lot of mine and Alene's time. She's been so good about supporting me through this. She's attended every one of my games I've coached, plus the Varsity games and the BYU home games. I know how good I have it.

Football is going OK. We've lost a TON of our regular starters to grades or criminal behavior, so when I look at this team, the core of the good little league teams I've coached at this age group is not really there. It's really weird.

We started off the season 0-3, losing badly to two larger schools, but our first league game we lost 6-14, but it was to our rival, so it was a tough loss. We finally won our 2nd region game last week 34-14 and we should have some easier schools to face the next couple of weeks before facing some tougher schools by the end of our schedule.

It's still really nice to be a part of a HS program again. I help out with the Varsity games either just keeping an eye on our OL/DL and any weaknesses they're showing (I'll report them to our OL/DL coaches), and I'll help out with sidelines control (keeping the players away from the sidelines). It's not a super important job, but what I like is being visual in my learning. I get to hear the calls made and see the adjustments these great coaches make at halftime. It really helps me learn more about the game, which I feel I'll always be doing. I really enjoy it though. The varsity team is 4-1 and knocked off their rival in an amazing game that was down to the wire (it had been 5 years since we had beaten them). They only lost their first game, which was full of turn-overs and penalties (15) and it was still a close loss at 17-22. They're in the same situation as us where they'll coast in the schedule until they play in about 3 weeks, which will be a showdown of un-beaten teams in this region, it should be fun.

Oh yeah, I also made it big-time in this picture. I'm the blurry face in the background with he white hat :-).

Other than all this, I've just been trying to keep up. Time flies by so quickly, I just really wish I could slow it down. Caiden grows so fast, Alene and I have been married for almost 2.5 years, it just doesn't seem that long.

One thing I really enjoyed was taking advantage of Labor Day and going on a quick excursion up into the high Uintas with Alene. We backpacked a loop of about 6 miles and camped somewhere in between. We saw some amazing lakes along the way and camped in the coolest spot I've ever seen. It was almost off a movie scene or something. If you have not seen the pictures on Alene's blog, here is the full list of the pictures we took on this trip: Backpacking Clyde Lake

I'm really excited for a trip we are planning in a couple of weeks. We are going to go down to the San Rafael Swell and probably see Goblin Valley (Caiden loves that place), Little Wild Horse Canyon, and maybe another spot. Because of Football we can only head down on Saturday morning, but we will leave early. I'm really excited to get away and do this.

I'll try to be better about updating the blog, but I can't guarantee anything.