Thursday, July 21, 2005

Had to be up at girl's camp from 6am to 6pm today

That sucked (somewhat).

On Sunday our Bishop asked if two of the men in the ward could spend the day up at a girl's church camp where a few of the girls in our ward were going to be at. Me and another dude (new dude in the ward) volunteered.

Had to get up at 4:30am. That sucked. Throw in the fact that on my way up, I cracked my window on the freeway to blow the dust off my lemon filled jelly donut, and my directions/map flew out the window. I pulled over to find it and it was likely on it's way to CA somewhere. I still had a faint memory of where to go.

It was pretty far up there and a really pretty drive up. Above the town of Marion, which is situated between Kamas and Oakley. Really pretty area and a nice camp site. Got there a little late (because of the map fiasco) but everyone was cool.

Basically just hung around all day. I got to know this new guy (Kurt) who is really cool and told me about this dope program for teachers and police officers.

His wife is a teacher and has been teaching for 6 years. He said two years ago when they got married, they bought a house that was worth around 100k, for 50k. The state payed the other 50k for them. He said there are no strings attached or anything, just that you have to either be a teacher or a law enforcement officer. In addition, the house has to be a HUD home. So there are a few stipulations, but buying a HUD home isn't THAT bad. Consider the fact that you only need to be in the house for 3 years before you sell it, and it's a nice deal. If you sell it w/in 3 years, you have to pay a pro-rated amount back.

Still, I'm a little more at ease at some options I may have as a poor teacher. At least I can look forward to having an opportunity to have a low house payment.

So I basically spent the day reading, writing down some FB stuff for my up-coming season, napping on a 12" wide bench, and more reading.

I've been taking my investing a little more serious. I upped my 401k contribution to 6% (because my company only matches up to 6% of what I put in, at 20% of that) and I made some changes to the funds and the allocations (sold some funds completely, distributed among others, and found the next day that because of those changes I made, I had an extra $100 in my account, so I was stoked). In addition, I'm putting 2% of my paycheck into the Stock Purchase plan. After a year, I get to buy stock based on the average price, which will likely get me some good loot. My companies stock trippled over the past year (was around $12 a share, now at $37). These are small amounts I won't miss, but will always be there when I need them.

Soooooo, the last 3 hours was a killer, waiting for 6pm to get there. The leaders there were nice and always talked about how gracious they were that we were there (we were there to assist if anyone got hurt, or needed a blessing, or a ride home) and they fed us. Not too bad of a deal. It was really pretty up there too!

On the drive in, there is this really freaky looking cabin that's being torn down. The freakier part is another cabin kind of built out of the hill-side that has a grass roof (you can't see it in the pictures, but you can see it from above as you are coming down the mountain). The places is plastered with no trespassing signs. I just took time to take a few snap shot's was all.

Here is a picture of the cabin being demolished (no one was there doing it at the time)

Here is a picture of that cabin up above (very spooky looking and it didn't seem to have any kind of a road going up to it?)

Here is a view of the town of Marion from the demolished cabin.

Over-all, it was a good day. Got some stuff done (oh yeah, got all my "thank you" cards filled out from my wedding), and got to relax (as best I could).

I was a little troubled when I picked up caiden to find that he threw a pretty big fit with his grandma and kicked her. Her husband (caiden's "step grandpa" spanked him, which I was glad he did. Caiden's mother doesn't believe in spankings, I do :). I gave Caiden a stern talk on the way home. He started to cry, so I know he felt bad. I then gave him a hug and told him that I hated what he did, but I don't hate him. I told him he is a good kid and he will grow up to be a Super Hero (it's his goal in life right now). I love my son, but it's so sad seeing him struggle at times. I hate diciplining him, but I won't hesitate to do it for his own good.

Here is one picture I took of him the other night when he was sleeping. I thought it was cute how he was positioned with his hand on his head, as though he was posing.

I'm tired now. I'm going to bed!

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