Friday, March 03, 2006

Kitchen Remodel Day 6

Didn't get a ton done because I had to take a double trip to Home Depot. I picked up Caiden from Karate and stopped by Home Depot to buy some 1/2" copper tubing (I'm taking out the old galvanized pipes and replacing them with copper). I also purchased a new kitchen window (which had to be special ordered, so it won't be here for another 10 days).

The part that sucks is when I got home, I realized I had gotten the wrong kind of copper tubing. I got the blue stuff (which is thicker and more for industrial projects) when I should have gotten the red stuff. So even though Home Depot is less than 5 miles from my house, it took another 30 minutes to go exchange that stuff for the right stuff. I wanted to get Caiden in bed early and be ready for Alene when she got home from School, so I had to wrap up by around 8pm (which I did).

I basically got the copper sweated for the area that comes out of the wall where the sink is going to be. "Sweating" copper basically consists of preparing your various pieces/joints by sanding them clean, adding flux (a greasy substance that helps the solder slide into the gaps and harden), heating them together, then adding solder (which is a type of metal that melts when heated and used to fill any gaps on the joints of the copper), then cooling it off. The two copper pieces are now one!

Today I'm getting off work a little early to work on more plumbing so I can seal off the reast of the floor.

Sorry, no pictures today because there really wasn't much to see.

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