Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kitchen Remodel Day 11

Russ came over and helped me tape the joints and started mudding the walls with me. We got a LOT done last night, which was a pleasant suprize. I figured we'd get about half the mudding done, but I ended up rocking and rolling on the stuff. Alene chipped in with covering all the screw holes up with mud too. However, my back suffered greatly and was given a good rub-down with some of that heat cream (alene did the rubbing part and my back felt like new after!).

So now that the first layer of mudding is done, today I'll be sanding (the worst part actually) and we should be ready to pain the primer on Saturday! Seriously, this is going so much faster than I figured.

Before we started mudding, we had a few more visitors leave their marks on the walls. April, Bill, and their son Lanik provided some more art in addition to Alene's girls in her sunday school class that she teaches, who added some funny stuff too. Plus, Alene did my "dead body" outline on the wall as well.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Bills drawing

I started off by filling in the odd corner of the room (some very deep joints here) with some fixall. If you ever need something patched that is a deep hole, I HIGHLY suggest fixall, but be warned: The stuff becomes as hard as cement and is almost impossible to sand smooth. Since this corner of my wall is plaster over brick, I could not sheetrock it, so I joined the drywall with the plaster with this fixall stuff, then put a layer of mud over it after it dried (it dries within about 30 minutes, very HARD).

Here are pictures of the mudding being done and the finished mudding

Here is the outline of my dead body. I had to add some reality to the muscle-work though. I wasn't flexing when she did the outline, but if I was, this is what it would have looked like

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