Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kitchen Remodel Day 15

Got the tile laid last night. It all turned out pretty well, so I've got no complaints. I need to let it sit for a day, then I can do the grout (on Wed). I was a little upset because I had plans on nailing some brackets to the floor before I tiled the middle area (where I'm going to put the island). I hadn't realized I forgot until I was half-way through the area I wanted to put the brackets down. I'll now have to drill through the tile and attach them with bolts through the entire floor. That is going to suck. Maybe I'll just use lag screws?

I normally use this cement-type board (wonderboard) for the underlayment, however when I went to help my brother in-law (Brock) with his floor, he had a buddy there who does tile for a living and he was using this plastic mesh-type stuff, which goes down MUCH FASTER than cement board (you have to cut the board to fit (if necessary), then glue it to the floor, then screw it down. With this stuff you just roll it out, cut around anything you need to with a razor knife, then staple it to the floor. Appearantly it does it's job.

Here are the pictures of what I did:


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