Friday, March 10, 2006

Kitchen Remodel Day 12

I didn't have a ton of time yesterday. I actually took a load of trash (from the remodel) to the dump. I still have 1-2 more loads to take. I got the first coat of mud sanded down. I HATE sanding drywall. If I did this more often, I'd have one of those professional sanders that hooks up to a vacuum. So the first layer is sanded. Now I'm going to put the 2nd (top coat) layer of mud on and I should be ready to paint tomorrow. I can't wait to see the color go on.

I'm expecting to be able to tile/grout the floors on Mon/Tues/Wed. Then on Thursday start installing the cabinets! By next Saturday we should be able to tile the counter tops and backsplash and move everything into the kitchen by the 20th or so.

After that, we are going to finish off the wall in the dining area. I could be doing it at the same time, but the drywall sanding creates so much dust and we have all our kitchen stuff in the dining area. Better to be able to get everything out of that room first, then mud/sand it.

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