Sunday, October 31, 2004

Food: Its a love/hate relationship

OK, so its been almost 10 years since I graduated from high school. I'm still the same weight I was then, which isn't a bad thing. I'm sure I have less muscle then I did then, but you know, I can't complain. However, I can allow my weight to fluctuate so crazily, but I hate it. I can go anywhere from 210-190 in a matter of a month, all based on how I control my diet.

Its kind of crazy when it comes to both pigging out and watching what I eat

Pigging out: The Love

I eat, and MAN, I love to taste good things. My stomach is happy, my taste buds are happy, and I'm sure there are parts of my body that like any kind of nutrients I'm giving it.

Pigging out: The Hate

The after-affects of pigging out are my stomach feels stretched. I also feel slower and bogged down. I'm usually tired and my clothes are a little tighter. Not a good feeling.

Watching what I eat: The Love

Man, I usually have more energy. I feel good about what is going into my body and I think my body generally likes it. I find that generally there are a lot of good things to eat that are good for you, just in moderation buddy.

Watching what I eat: The Hate

Sometimes I feel hungrier if I eat just a little bit. The thing is, I've found times when I'm REALLY hungry, and only have something small to eat, I eat it and crave more of it (but that is all) and with in about 15 minutes, I feel REALLY full. Why can't I have more control over these similar situations, when I have food coming out the ying-yang? Why can't I "just say no" to over-eating?

I find I'm usually at my worst when I have lots of stuff to snack on around mi casa.

I have a plan, and I hope it works. As soon as my football season is over, I'm signign up for a membership at 24 hour fitness. They have a day care and are only 5 minutes from my house. I can take my son there and let him run around while I sweat it out. I need to get in general shape anyway. And when I say shape, NO, a Circle isn't a shape.

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