Friday, October 08, 2004


(note, this is copied from my old blog at

OK, so I found out about this place because there was a link here from that showed their lead singer (Rivers Cuomo) started his own blog, etc. He updates it from time to time while attending Harvard.

So I figured it would be cool to check it out, post some thoughts, maybe get some people to like me because of those thoughts, etc. I had no idea this was like some kind of singles/romance/hook-up place. I mean, that is cool and all. I have a ton of friends I've met on the internet.

I guess the biggest WTF is how everyone seems to have their "about me" section full of the "I'm 5'2" 90lbs. I like bubble baths, long walks on the beach and to be covered in 10w 30 motor oil at random moments".

In addition, I forgot to put my latest glamour shot (or photos by Deb for you Napoleon Dynamite fans) in my picture. Oh well, I'll have to break out the oil and flex up for everyone soon enough.

Until then, sleep tight everyone. I'll be back in full force as no one reads this. This is OK though; its theraputic.

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