Saturday, October 09, 2004

The agony of defeat

OK, for starters, I'm not a typical jock that goes off and revolves his life around a win/loss situation. I just got back from a college football game. My team lost a nail-biter that went down to the end. We totally out-played the other team, but turn-overs lead to our demise.

I'm just glad I can get over this a lot quicker. I'm sure if I had a more personal stake in it (i.e. one of the coaches/players) it would be much harder to get over. Heck, I coach a team of 12 year olds and there are times I find myself not able to sleep because I'm thinking too much about my boys and their responsibilities for this weeks game.

OK. This was a retarded blog. I'm obviously tired. I have to get up in 5 hours and go coach a game.

"BUT WAIT!!! There's more"

....I need to get some thoughts off my head.

Ex-girlfriends. Why does everyone talk so bad about their ex relationships? Why does there have to be so much drama? Why can't people get on with things and "forgive/forget"? My ex-wife and I get along very well. I imagine it has to do with the fact that we are raising a son together, but for the most part we are cordial and (at least from my perspective) don't seem to hold and ill-will toward each other. We are both two VERY different people in our ideals on life, so it can get in the way of our parenting ideals, but other than that its cool.

Since my divorce (which I've never even given my life story about yet) I had been dating this girl off and on that lived in Canada. She would drive down every month and we would visit/hang out and do our "couples" thing. This lasted for two years and being the "I want to get on with my life by getting married" kind of guy, I finally decided that if she couldn't commit to moving down here and giving it a go, that I had to move on. We seemed to have been able to deal with it just fine. I saw her tonight at the game. We hung, chatted, etc. Everything was FINE.

Why can't it be this way for everyone else? Why hold the grudges, etc? Why not just be happy for the other person?

OK, so I ask those questions, then realize that I just have it good :).

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