Wednesday, October 27, 2004

School sucks!

I mean, classes you take that will NEVER be a part of what you do SUCKS! I HATE math. I mean HATE IT! I can't wait for this class to be over. If I can finish with a C, I'll be happy so I can move onto the next class and barely pass it.

The thing that sucks, I've had the benefit of having 3 really good math instructors in college, but I just don't care for math. I can generally pick up on the equations, etc, but they don't excite me whatsoever.

The ONLY reason I could see why I would need math, is if I'm coaching and in a study hall with my players and someone needs help with their math homework. Either that, or one of my kids will need help with their homework. Most of this stuff I will never have a serious need for in life.

I wish we could just focus on the subject we are interested in. I'd get so much more out of school that way. Oh well.

The thing that really peeves me is the "excitement" and motivation I have as the beginning of the semester starts. I get all stoked and positive about the class and make these lofty goals of taking good notes, doing my homework, and paying attention. Before you know I've missed a few classes and I consider dropping the class :-). For real though, I'm going to stick this one out, I just can't wait until its over!

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