Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Funny "white trash" moment at work today

So at my work, we have many different types of people, including the traditional white trash. When I say that word, I do realize it is quite harsh because this girl isn't all that bad, she's just a typical girl of this era. She tries hard to be cool, but it just isn't working.

She has the typical teased hair, bright orange makeup, and wears those skinny, acid-washed pants that get really tight down at the ankles and end at her white tennis shoes.

Like I said, she tries.

Anyway, I'm in the break room warming up some food and I she comes running saying this exact words, "You did what???? You put a carburator in the dishwasher???"

I almost lost it, but just turned around and continuted nuking my food.

Funny moment no doubt.

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