Wednesday, October 20, 2004

My female boss is cool

OK, PLEASE don't assume I'm a chauvinistic pig by my statement, but I always feared working for a woman in the business world. Not because I don't think they can do it; I KNOW that most women are smarter than men. I worried more about getting one of those bitchy women that are only out there to prove that they are better than men.

Anyway, about 2 years ago my company was bought out by a company based in Atlanta. With that, we downsized my entire staff of 9 to just me. It was pretty sad. Anyway, my new boss I would be reporting to was a nice lady from the get-go. She is a lady about 40 with a couple of kids and divorced. Right off the batt she commanded my respect, but not in a militant way. I don't know what it was, but she had a very sincere and somewhat sparkle in her eye when she looked at you. Just a nice, NICE lady.

Being that she is in Atlanta and I'm in Utah, she pretty much leaves my job and managing myself up to me. She trusts that I will be available when the shit hits the fan, and I usually am (or at least right around the corner). Every time I meet with her (which is twice a year) she is very friendly and always interested in my life and what I'm doing. She never gets pissed off at times I drop the ball, although I've never dropped the ball on anything big, so that might help.

All in all, I love my boss (but I'm not "in" love with her, he he). I'm very thankful for a boss like her and if I was 40 years old......she'd be in trouble! hehe.

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