Monday, October 11, 2004

All about me

I got this from someone elses blog, so yeah, I'm a poser.


.name- Tyler
.age- 27
.sex- male
.martial status- single
.hair color- blond-like
.eye color- blue
.sexual preference- Females
.ethnicity- white


.band- Weezer, followed closely by Modest Mouse
.song- Not fair. I always dig the rockability of Say it aint so, but always love Only in Dreams (both by Weezer), but then Thirty to Three always pops in my head as well (by Smashing Pumpkins). THIS QUESTION SUCKS!
.singer- Lea Salonga
.food- Tex/Mex
.book- The Alchemist
.magazine- Mens Health
.sport- Football/Snowboarding
.movie- I'm not getting into it (like the music question) but anything by Spike Jonze or Cohen Brothers for the most part.
.flower- Honey Suckle
.animal- Fido
.candy- Snikers
.tv show- The Daily Show
.tv station- History Channel or Comedy Central
.video game- Splinter Cel (when I'm feeling like it)
.anime- None
.country- United States of America
.state- Utah
.color- Blue
.weather- 76 degrees with a 20 hance of rain
.season- Fall
.time of day- late morning
.month- September
.quote- "I like your style dude" - The Stranger


.living arrangement- Mi Casa
.how many people are in your family- In my house, 2 (my son and I) but for my immediate famliy.........take a deep breath: 10 kids, two parents.
.do you ever have family get togethers?- All the time
.your favorite cousin- Summer
.your favorite family member- The two-headed monster: Mom/Dad
.your least favorite family member- If this was a math question, my answer would be: No Solution
.is family important to you?- As much as air
.do you get along with your parents?- Very much
.siblings- 9
.ages- Holy I can remember? Ummm 12, 15, 16, 19, 22, 24, 26, 34, 35
.do you get along with your siblings?- Yes
.pets- Not now.


Do you believe in...

.God- Yes
.the devil- Yes
.hell- Yes
.reincarnation- No
.karma- Yes
.miracles- Yes
.luck- Yes, with good decisions
.fate/destiny- Somewhat
.magic- No
.someone for everyone- No
.religion- Yes


.suicide- Sad/Selfish
.homosexuality- Whatever makes people happy
.depression- Sucks
.sex before marriage- Its good if you try to keep it like that, but if you don't, don't feel like a heathen.
.abortion- Sad, but in some cases necessary
.boredom- Hate it
.war/terrorism- Necessary evil/Cowardice
.love- Used to be easy for me, now I'm scared to death of it.
.life- Lovin' it


.pop- nay
.rock- & roll- yay
.rap- sometimes yay
.r&b- nay
.ska- sometimes yay
.emo- yay
.hardcore- sometimes yay
.country- usually yay
.classical- yay
.foreign- nay
.hip-hop- sometimes yay
.dashboard confessional- Used to be YAY, but got old quick, so now sometimes yay
.good charlotte- nay
.blink-182- yay
.goldfinger- yay
.all-american rejects- nay
.Debbie Gibson- nay
.led zepplin- yay
.the sex pistols- yay
.pennywise- yay
.the used- nay
.the shins- yay
.the white stripes- yay
.the offspring- nay
.system of a down- nay
.mudvayne- nay
.white zombie- nay
.the ataris- yay
.evanescence- nay
.linkin park- nay
.poison- nay
.new found glory- nay
.NOFX- yay
.alice in chains- yay
.nickleback- WAY nay
.puddle of mudd- mostly nay


.coke/pepsi- pepsi
.vanilla coke/vanilla pepsi- vanilla pepsi
.chocolate/vanilla- vanilla
.black/white- black
.light/dark- dark
.sun/moon- moon
.rain/snow- snow
.sunshine/rain- sunshine
.summer/winter- winter
.spring/autumn- autumn
.sunrise/sunset- sunset
.car/suv- suv
.cellphone/pager- phone, out-grew the pager back in the day
.radio/tv- tv
.vhs/dvd- DVD
.cd/tape- CD
.glasses/contacts- glasses (if I wore them; I don't)
.morning/night- NIGHT
.ocean/pool- ocean
.skiing/snowboarding- snowboarding
.skating/skateboarding- I suck at both, but I'll pick skateboarding
.oranges/apples- apples
.strawberries/bananas- strawberries
.penguins/polar bears- polar bears
.mcdonalds/burger king- McDonalds
.pizza hut/dominos- Pizza Hut
.wine/champagne- None


.stole/shop-lifted- yes
.sped- yes
.smoked- yes
.drank- yes
.gotten drunk- no
.gotten drunk and passed out- no
.gotten drunk and couldn't remember anything- no
.done drugs- no
.weed- no
.marijuana- isn't it the same as weed?
.shrooms- no
.lsd- no
.ecstasy- no
.crack- no
.cocaine- I'm no movie star
.heroin- no
.inhalants- no
.skinny dipped- yes
.gave someone a lap dance- no
.had sex- yes
.snuck out of the hous- Many times, but I don't think my parents really cared.
.ran away from home- Only threats
.tried to commit suicide- no
.used someone- no
.cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend- no
.got caught 'doing something'- yes
.embarrassed yourself- every day
.share an embarrassing moment- Not at the moment
.what time is it- 11:58 PM
.are you glad this is over- I guess

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