Monday, November 01, 2004

Not so bling bling :-(

Yeah, so I spoke a bit with Mike about what he does. Its not as easy to get into; you actually have to WORK to get there. Can you believe that? :-). Kidding. I am still intrigued by it though. Its a legit business. Mike basically told me that I would need to get on with a mortgage company as a rep, doing mortgages part time if I could. Learn that side of the business, then I could work my way into a sales rep for his company.

Like food, sales is a Love/Hate relationship too. I mean, sales can almost be like teaching for me. I can't teach "anything", but if its a subject I know like the back of my hand, I can go off on it and teach it with great detail. If I do sales, I want/need to know the product like my own son. In addition, I don't like people that much either. I mean, I like those I associate with, but I'm not one for meeting new people that much. Still, if I can get 4-5k per month out of meeting a few new people, that may not be too bad :-).

Once this football season is over, I'm going to talk to Mike about it a bit more.

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