Monday, April 10, 2006

Had a good weekend in Atlanta

I'm still here, but Alene is gone now, so I have to head over to work and mingle with everyone from my department for the next 2 days (tour the new aquarium and go bass fishing on Tuesday).

We went to the coke museum (it wasn't THAT bad). Like some said, yeah, it was like a big coke commercial, but being I like anything interesting and historical, I consider Coke a historical thing. It was funny how I kept thinking about how they kept saying "our secret formula" throughout their advertising everywhere. My immediate thoughts kept turning to "cocain". Once they got rid of the cocain (for legal reasons) what flavor did they use after that to keep the formula "secret and original tasting"?

We went to Stone Mountain, hiked it, drove around, and saw the lazer show later that night (actually, just saw the first show, then left; you've seen a lazer show, you've seen them all. Plus we were tired).

On Sunday we went and hiked Kennesaw Mountain, which was fun. Alene and I did a lot of talking and situational conversation. Stuff like "if you had a kid you were teaching in your class who just needed to pass a final to walk and graduate and get on with his life and you knew he was a good kid, but he just didn't care about the subject, would you give him the answer sheet for his final so he could pass it???" This situation happened to my younger brother his Sr. year. He was a good, quiet kid that just went with the flow. The teacher knew me from previous years and was a pretty older teacher, but for whatever reason he felt "inspired" or something to let my brother pass the final by giving him the answer sheet (my brother had failed it the first time and he allowed him to re-take it in private, with the answer sheet).

Anyway, I'm rambling there

Anyway, l dropped my wife off and went to the store to buy the Gorillaz CD. HOLY CRAP THAT IS A GREAT ALBUM!! The song "Dirty Harry" has a guest rapper on it named "Booty Brown" who was a part of the group the Pharcyde, which is a group from back in "my day" that I used to worship. It was cool to hear him rap on this album. This album is not rap, it's not rock, it's not dance. It's just a GREAT album that people of all genres would like. It's done very tastefully with a lot of cello's and violin's too. It's great.

I ended my evening watching a GREAT movie I had rented before we came out here, to watch when I had time. It's PT Anderson's first movie (PT Anderson did Boogie Nights, Magnolia, and Punch Drunk Love). It was called Hard Eight and it was suprizingly touching (had me trying to "scratch something out of my eye" at one point. I recommend it to all that enjoy PT Anderson-type movies. Great script, excellent cinematography, GREAT acting, and an interesting topic of course.

One thing that is weird about being away on "vacation" or to work is that I become very un-plugged from what is going on in the world. For all I know we could be invading a country, or Mexico could be washed away from some huge hurricane. Seriously though, I feel very "un plugged" from the world right now, even though I'm in one of the larger cities in America.

Well, it's time to get ready for work now.

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