Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coke Factory, Atlanta Georgia

Upon checking into our hotel room in Atlanta the first thing Alene and I did was head downtown Atlanta to tour the Coke Factory (Atlanta is where Coke was "invented"). Here are some pictures from our tour.

The cool sign at the entrance of the building

04.11.06 Atlanta

The building was being held up on one corner by a coke bottle


Alene inside at one of their displays

04.11.06 Atlanta

That's a lot of friggin' coke!

04.11.06 Atlanta

A couple of big coke bottles, artfully designed

04.11.06 Atlanta

Hanging out with the Coke polar bear

04.11.06 Atlanta

The best part: the tasting room. They had all kinds of flavors of soda here, most of which aren't made in America; flavors like "melon soda" and other oddities that are in demand in other countries.

04.11.06 Atlanta

It was fun to see a bit of American history. Kind of sad that something so bad for you is so worshiped, but it is part of our history.

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