Sunday, October 02, 2005

We won 41-0

We played a team that hasn't won a game in a while. We felt bad for them. We were up 34-0 at the half and we put in our 2nd stringers for the 2nd half. We got into scoring range twice, then let some kids play RB that have never played it before and we didn't do so well :). Still, it was a blast to see these kids play a lot that haven't played quite as much as we would have liked to.

We are now 3-2. Our two losses were by a total of 2 points. Pretty tough, but it's all good. Our team is averaging 23.8 ppg on offense and allowing 7.8 ppg on defense. Our offense shoots itself in the foot quite a bit with mistakes like cliping and holding. When our ball carriers break loose, for some reason these kids want to push someone in the back? Anyway, tough to take. Our defense hasn't allowed anyone to run on them all season (don't even try it) but we always break down against a team that likes to pass. We had a hard time early on with this team throwing. Eventually we figured out what they were doing and got a couple of picks.

Our next two games are against teams that we beat pretty soundly last year, but they both appear to be more competative. Our last two are teams that will give us fits because they seem to be a pretty similar team to us compared to opponents they've played.

I love coaching. If it weren't for my team and the success we've had, my fav. college team (BYU) would drive me to drinking! They're not doing so well.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon working in the yard painting Caiden's fort (with Caiden). It's almost finished. When I have it completed, I'll post pictures up.

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