Sunday, October 23, 2005

My team won again this weekend

We beat the 2nd place team (Granger) 20-13 (we're currently in 4th place and just need to win our last game to remain in 4th place to make the play-offs). We always start off sluggish, then get things figured out and usually shut the other team down.

We came out on defense and allowed their fastest guy to get behind our DB's on a fake sweep-pass. After that, the defense shut them down. They scored their other TD off a 25 yd Int return (that was on the next series after their first TD). After being down 13-0, our offense kicked it in gear and we scored on some good drives, capped off by two long runs by our stud RB and a play-action pass to our TE who was WIDE open.

That was a good day, then BYU decided to get spanked by Notre Dame. However, BYU played pretty good. I knew going in that our offense would have to match their offense or we would lose. Both BYU and Notre Dames defenses are horrible. ND scored SIX TD's passing (set a school record) and passed for over 400 yards. ND had two 6'5" WR's that just dominated our 6' and 5'7" corners. It was sad. What is even sadder was that some of the TD's they got from these guys were WIDE OPEN. Our DB's would bite on a run fake, while the ND WR's were running down-field.

Anyway, I'm over it. I think BYU can still win their next four games.

Caiden's BD is this Thursday. I think we're going to take him to play Lazer Tag. He should like that. We are also having a party here for him this weekend.

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