Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My brother Jeff is so funny

Just read one of his blog posts at another site. I started crying from laughing so hard.

"I forgot how undignified pooping in the forrest is. I feel sorry for girls because they always have to squat. Camping was rad except for the fact that the beavers tried to sabotoge our campsite. They were beavering trees down left and right. They trees fell on tents and soon there was a beaver revolution. I said,"Heres my chance," so I jumped in a beaver suit with a can of bear in one hand and we took over the world. All the humans became extinct. In the end I had to assign jobs to the beavers. One was the CEO of the world and another had to work in the drive in at MCdonalds. Some came to realize that something was funny. "Why are you so much bigger than us. They held me down and took off my mask. I had to act quicky. I pulled out a machine gun and mowed them all down. In the end I was the last living being left on the earth. I went to hollywood and raided the studios. I even road on a train for a while. I realized the world was quite lonely so I studdied cloning. In the end I was able to make the perfect woman. A dash of Natalie Portman here, a little Judy Garland there. And to make her tall enough, Some Uma Therman. For the right eyes, Wynona Ryder. Maybe she looked like a four headed It, But she was beautiful.
The End!"


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    always remember that you have the coolest family on earth!

  2. That post was...something else...;-)