Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I need to be more thankful

I have such a good life. I don't know why I get caught dwelling on so many other things I don't have (bigger/nicer home, toys, etc.) when I should be thankful for how lucky I am to have an amazing wife and a great son.

I honestly don't know how life can get any better in my situation.

It took my co-worker (Missy in Atlanta) to remind me of how blessed my life is to have these two wonderful people in my life. Thanks Missy :-).

Really though, I'm so amazed at how patient Alene is with me and how much Caiden grows more and more every day. It seriously seems like yesterday that he was a tiny little baby. Now he's in Kindergarten and talking about "who has a crush on who". How did he learn what the word "crush" means anyway? :-) Seriously though, he's grown up so fast.

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