Monday, October 17, 2005

Yes! Both my teams won this weekend

Had a good weekend (but I'm tired). My 8th grade team beat the team in front of them in the conference, 32-6. The defensive changes we made really helped and prevented the deep pass (which is the problem we faced in 2 of our 3, 1 point losses). One of my Defensive linemen also returned a fumble 60 yards for a TD. I was so happy for him because most of these linement never get that opportunity in their entire lives. He was so happy. It was good to see my boys happy after a well-deserved win. I think with this momentum, we'll win our our final two games (we should anyway, although our up-coming opponent looks pretty tough in 2nd place right now). We should win the last game as well and finish 6-3. Frustrating to think that over a matter of 3 points, we could finish 9-0. Oh well.


Later that day, Alene and I went down to the BYU game. We set up to tailgate, but a WICKED wind storm blew in and started knocking things all over the place. We ended up taking down my friends shade-tent and putting all the food in the back of his SUV. the storm died down (for the most part) so we just set up our chairs and chatted the whole time. It was still fun. We got into the stadium about 1/2 hour before KO and watched the team warm up. We had FRONT ROW seats in the end zone, so that was pretty sweet. We also happened to be in the area that the team performs the "Haka" which is a Maori war dance from New Zealand. There are many polynesians on the team and they taught it to a lot of the other non-poly's. It was cool seeing them just psyched up.

We were playing CSU and we pretty much dominated them (although the score doesn't indicate that). We won 24-14. It should have been about 31-14, but we had our TE catch a long pass, then fumble it on the 2 yard line. But, that's a part of the game. We ran all over their defense (52 rushes, 274 yards, 2 TD's) and passed when we needed to (13-18, 162 yards, one INT, one TD). The defense held CSU to a shut-out until the last seconds of the 3rd quarter.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. Now I have to get my butt rolling and finish a paper due today.

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