Thursday, November 27, 2008


On this day of thanksgiving, I want to post some of the things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for my wife. She puts up with so much of my crap and I really owe her so much for it. She is beautiful in every way. I love so much that she is my partner and always will be. I am excited to live a life with her and hope to make it more adventurous for both of us.

I'm thankful for my children. They provide so much motivation for me to want to be a better person. I love them so much and am so excited to see them every day.

I'm thankful for all of my family. They mean so much to me and I hope to gain a better closeness with all of them.

I'm thankful for my faith in God. As much as I slip up so much and don't always represent being a true Christian, I believe in what I believe for a reason that is so deep and personal to me, I could not describe it in words and I know I will be forgiven as long as I strive to be a good person and do what is right.

I'm thankful for my friends.

I'm thankful for my health (so far) and I hope to stop taking it so much for granted.

I'm thankful for a job.

I'm thankful for this beautiful state I live in. It has so many things to offer if you are one that enjoys the outdoors.

I'm thankful for this great nation we live in. It may seem so bleak and screwed up for a lot of people, but in the end I cannot think of another place in this world I'd rather live than my country.

Lastly, I'm reading the book "In the Company of Heros" which was written by Michael Durant, who was the only surviving member of his Blackhawk crew in the story known as "Blackhawk down", which took place in Mogadishu back in 1993. In the crash he broke his back and leg and had his eye-socket broken by what he reluctantly recalls as one of his crew members body parts (likely an arm), which an angry mob swung at him after the crash. He was then rescued by the very militia they were fighting, from the angry mob and held captive for 11 days with little food and little medical care.

I had read the book Blackhawk Down, by Mark Bowden, and it was a great read, but it covered so many stories of that event. This one is great because it's more detailed about this one guys story. I'm not done with the book, but it describes his reaction to being rescued by these two heroes, Gary Gordon and Randy Shugart, two US Army Delta snipers who begged to be put on the ground so they could provide some protection for any possible survivors of Durants crash. It was a sure death sentence, but they didn't flinch at the idea.

I also finished a great book called "Lone Survivor", about a Navy seal's amazing tale of survival in the high mountains of Afghanistan.

Both of these books have been the quickest reads I've ever read. I cannot believe how quickly I read the Lone Surivior book (I think in a week?) and I've read 116 pages so far in 3 days.

I'm grateful for members of our military and those that serve honorably with the true resolve to defend our country and fight for freedom and safety for all those involved.

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  1. this is the truth. I am sick and tired of people who think our country is evil and we deserve to get punished and that war doesn't bring peace. War is not peace but there is no chance for peace if wars are not fought. I use to be so backwards in my thinking. I have since scene the light. You can't say peace brother make love not war while millions of people are dying around the world. I don't like war. I hate it more than just about anything but I am convinced if it came down to defending my family I could take another life. no problem. This is reality. People say that they would never kill anyone or go to battle because war is not the answer. People die every day because of this statment. I look back in our early countries history and I'm amazed at how courageous the people use to be and how strong the average person was. Now it saddens me that our country is full of a bunch of cowards.