Monday, November 17, 2008

Rivalry Week

It's BYU vs. Utah this week and I believe this is the biggest game both teams will have played in. BYU is ranked # 14 with a 10-1 record while Utah is # 7 with an 11-0 record. The game is at Utah, so Utah will be favored (along with their undefeated season). So much is on the line in this game. If BYU wins, they will force a 3-way tie for the conference championship with Utah and TCU. In addition, they knock Utah out of the running for a BCS game, which Boise St. will likely get (unless they lose one of their two remaining games).

It's so tough being a BYU fan and living in SLC. Pretty much everyone at my work is a Utah fan, so I get a lot of crap about that when I proudly wear my shirts around the office.

The one thing BYU has going for them right now is the fact that they've won two of the last 3 games and have shown that they have the ability to come from behind to make some amazing plays to win the games. Their offense is still pretty high-powered, but their defense is clearly weak, so that should be interesting how they play against Utah. Utah has a pretty good group of WR's and that is where we are weakest. It could be a shoot-out and a somewhat high-scoring affair, although the last 3 years each team has scored in the high 20's and low 30's.

I'm stoked for this game though. Unfortunately (OK, kind of fortunate because we're getting out), we will be in St. George for that weekend. We plan on going to Zions National Park, then just chill in St. George to watch the game on Saturday and possibly visit with one of Alene's old friends. I really wanted to see this game in HD, but our hotel TV's are those crappy tube TV's. I have a buddy who's parents have a vacation home in St. George along with a nice TV, so he's looking into whether it's being used this weekend or not. If not, we get to use it to watch the game. That will be sweet.

To close, I have to post this video that tears me up a bit at the end. It's a little long (5 minutes), but it picks up at the end and if you're a BYU fan, the payoff is always great. If you're a Utah fan, sorry :-).

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