Tuesday, February 28, 2006

OUCH! I'm in the wrong buisiness!!!

I just had the plumber finish the job. Less than 1 hour of actual work and routing a gas line less than 10' = $280.00!!! That one hurt really bad. I'm kind of upset for not doing it myself. It really was basically what I thought needed to be done.

I guess the good thing is the dude actually quoted me $358.00. I talked him down to $280.00. I have no idea how these dudes sleep well ripping people off. It's my own fault though. Alene took the bad news well (she always does).

I did most of the electrical wiring this morning (before the plumber came). I just need to add the plugs and switches and I've got all the base electrical done. Then I need to add the recessed lighting too.

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