Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kitchen Remodel Day 3

I skipped class tonight (we were going over an easy section) to work on tearing out the floor. The floor had about 3 layers of other flooring on it, so you can imagine I was in for a treat! Needless to say: it SUCKED!

First, there was a layer of linoleum that was laid around the early 80's. Then there was another layer of linoleum that was this greenish color that was laid around the 60's. That stuff wasn't too bad. I used my brothers (Russ) big 50 lbs. iron pry-bar and it just popped the stuff right up.

The tough part was the 2.5" wide hardwood floor slats that was under the linoleum. That stuff took FOREVER to pull up and alot of sweat (which was replenished with 64oz of Gatorade). If anyone knows how hardwood flooring is nailed down (at an angle and about every 16") that made it extremely tough to get pulled up.

I finally finished pulling up the hardwood flooring about 9pm or so (so it took me a total of about 3.5 hours to pull up the flooring). I now have about half the sub-floor pulled up and will pull up the rest of it tomorrow (or today? It's actually 4:45 in the morning, but I can't sleep because I have a cough and I'm bored laying in bed).

Tuesday's plans are to get the rest of the floor pulled up, the joists leveled out, and the new sub-floor nailed down. I'm also meeting with a plumber to have him move the gas line, that is, of course, if it's in the price range I'm looking at. I'm sure they'll try to rip me off, but I'm having someone else do that part for piece of mind that I won't blow up my own house. I totally know how to do it, but I don't have the confidence of doing it correctly. A plumber will.

Here are some picturs of the days work:

This is the 2nd layer of linoleum. Not sure what era that is, but I'm guessing late 50's/early 60's. This stuff came up really easy (notice the 50 lbs prybar in all the pictures; this item truly was a BIG help).

This is the hardwood flooring strips that were a pain in the butt! I hated it so much and was thankful this was the last time I had to do it in this house (I also tore the same stuff out of our bathroom, but it wasn't as big of a room and it was 5 years ago, so I don't remember how tough it was).

This is the last of the hardwood strips. YAY!

This is the sub-floor coming up.

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