Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day

I've always said how much I really don't like this day. My reasons are for myself, but it basically goes back to me thinking Halmark corrupted it. Anyway, I'm really not a "hopeless romantic" type, but I do like romance (although I hate the word, that's weird). Alene left me a card this morning before she headed out to work. I LOVE reading her feelings. She seems to express herself better in her writing and I really feel it's an opportunity to hear how she feels. I am that way too (easier for me to write, than to talk) and I think it annoys her a bit.

Either way, she wrote some things in there (private obviously) that made me read it over and over and over again. I love that woman so much.

The past 9 months of marriage have not been "bliss" or in the typical fashion of most newlyweds. We are both very busy and sometimes we need to realize we need to slow everything down and not be so busy. It's so hard to NOT be busy though, with both of us having large families, each within 1 hours drive. With our full-time work/school schedule, and with our responsibilities within the church as well as the responsibility of being parents. You get kind of lost in all that and forget about each other, or forget how to show love to each other. Needless to say, we've had our "moments" when things weren't looking the best. However, even through all we argue (we don't yell at each other, just argue), I still love that woman even more than the day before.

Thank you Alene, for being so good for me. Thank you for teaching me so many things about love and feeling. Thank you for being supportive and doing your best to be patient with marriage. I love you honey.

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  1. Ty- getting through those little fights is what marraige is about. caring about the person enough not to let those arguments "matter." in the 6 yrs of my marraige- we have had tons of arguments- yet i couldn't imagine my life without lee in it!
    love bren