Friday, November 05, 2004

A day in the life of Tyler Root, the millionaire

For starters, my life would be different every day depending on the season. For now we are going to assume its November, so right between Fall and Winter (IOW, snow up in the canyons and plenty of it!)

OK, so as a millionaire, I'll have an alarm clock, but it won't be set (unless I have some engagement I need to be at early). I'd sleep until I woke up, which I am hoping is about 8am. I'd then proceed to turn on my computer, check out my fantasy football and basektball teams. Then I'd go turn on the TV and check out the news. Then I'd go wake up my son.

After my fill of information, I'd head over to the gym, drop Caiden off in the kids play room, and then work out for an hour. Nothing like a good work out. Also, can't forget some evian bottled water. Hydration is important.

Hopefully I'd be done with this by 11am.

I'd then head home, shower, and watch the History channel for a bit, while Caiden gets his fill of Star Wars X-box gaming. (one thing to note: If this is next year, Caiden would be in school, so things will change by that time).

At about 1pm, I'd head downtown with Caiden somewhere and look for a homeless person and give them a $100 bill. Then I'd head over to some low-income place and look for a single mother and give her a $100 bill. (as a millionaire, I would do this daily, serious).

At about 2:30, Caiden and I would head over to the High School that I would be a volunteer coach for and get ready for practice. I'd be at practice every day from 3:00 to 6:00, so I'd be pretty busy.

After practice Caiden and I would go home and cook dinner. I'd watch more of the History channel and also get my fill of The Daily Show. Caiden, of course, would be playing X-box. However, he can't do that all day, so we would end the evening with some math flash cards. Right now he is working on his addition properties. I'd then send Caiden to bed by 9pm and I'd go chill watching more of the History channel or a movie.

Of course, this is my Tues/Thurs schedule. My Mon/Wed/Fri schedule would go something like this:

Wake up to an alarm clock at 7:30. Put on clothes, grab snowboard and snowboard until 1pm. Give away money to needy people, go to football practice. Of course Caiden will be in tow for all of these events.

And that, my friends, is how Tyler Root, the millionaire lives his day.

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