Sunday, January 30, 2005

What is wrong with how dirty men are?

WHY? Why Why Why Why Why?????

Why are men so dirty? What is it about them that makes them so sloppy, so un-organized? So non-worried about "the details" when it comes to keeping things clean? Why do they not care about their own personal cleanliness (that often times affects others).

I've made a good assumption that AT LEAST 1/3 of all men never wash their hands after going "potty". Every time I see it, I nearly vomit just thinking about all the things they touch that I may end up touching later on. Twice, in less than 24 hours I've seen men NOT wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I see it commonly at work. It makes me sick to think they are opening doors, touching areas in the break room, and most notably: Using their keyboards at their computers. I think it should be a rule that after a man leaves the company, his keyboard should be destroyed.

What is the reason though? Is it men's typical thinking they they dominate everything and are superior to all things (including having to take 15 seconds to clean their hands)? Is it laziness?

Any thoughts?

I for one RELIGIOUSLY wash my hands after doing something that may be dirty, especially draining the Thunder. I don't get how this not a basic understanding to cleanliness for men? Why can't they do it?

I'm off my soap box (for now).

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  1. here's a fun tip: sing "happy birthday" to yourself while you're washing your hands and that way you'll know that you've washed them long enough