Monday, February 07, 2005

Been busy

Started a side kitchen/bath remodel job for my ex-in-laws. They're good people and always keep me busy with fixing up their rentals. The thing is, I LOVE doing stuff like this. I wouldn't mind it as a profession, but I'm too scared that if I get into something that I love and have to use it to support myself, that I'd end up hating it.

Anyway, I feel badly that Caiden has had to tag along with me for this stuff. He is so cute though, and always tries to help and be involved. He LOVES using the nail-puller. Anyway, after this I'm going to reward him with a trip to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. I think he'd love that.

Anyway, I've somewhat decided to boycott Valentines day. However, I'm sure I'll give in in some way. I just like to think that EVERY day is a Valentines day :-). I don't like it because Hallmark is likely the one that made it up in order to sell lots of lame cards with stuff like "I love you like the moon, I love you like the stars, I love you no matter where you are's". I'm going to express my love on another day (maybe the day before?).

Anyway, can I just say how lucky I feel? I honestly know that I have one of the dopest girls by my side. Alene is amazing and I feel bad for all other men in the world, that they don't have an Alene. She is the perfect woman in ever facet. I love her so much.

So, I'm a little peeved about a text book I ordered about a month ago via I've never had a problem with, but whoever it is I bought it from has stalled too long. He advised me I should have it by last Friday at the latest. Nothing. Media Mail, according to his confirmation of my order, should have been delivered by the 2nd of Feb. I'm not sure what to do about it, but needless to say I need the book and I'm going to give this fool negative feedback.

OK, I'm off to more work.

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Since you're not doing Valentine's day, can I borrow Alene that day? I have no one.