Thursday, January 13, 2005

Call me un-original, but I've decided to copy my dear friend Tim

He has an area on his web site dedicated to any short stories or movie scripts he writes. I created one for my website as well.

I just wrote the short movie, based off one of my dreams. I'll answer some questions that you will be answering after you read it:

No, it has no purpose or depth. It was a bad dream and dreams usually are random thoughts. I just liked how intense my dream was and if I ever do film this, I'd like to try to bring out that intensity that I was feeling in my dream.

Yes, it is somewhat meant to have a few funny parts (like the yoga guy, he is going to look funny/crazy).

No, I'm not clinically insane.

Enjoy the script. Check that site back again for future short stories I'll either be working on, or have done.

My short script

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  1. Anonymous7:50 AM

    You flatter me, friend. I appreciate your compliment. You're a great friend.