Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I hate being sick

I was totally fine the other day. Went to bed, then woke up with the WORST sore throat and a nose dripping like a leaky faucet. I HATE IT! Anyway, drugged up on a lot of Nyquil, sinus tabs, and even a little motor oil, and I was OK. I slept it off for a bit and feeling better.

Being sick sucks.

Other thoughts:

My 19 year old sister is getting married. She's not engaged yet, but she and her new beau have pretty much sealed the deal. She's known him for a while, but only started dating him a few months ago. I don't know what to think about this. I mean, my sister is really mature for her age, but it just doesn't seem right? I don't know why. Her boyfriend is a totally cool guy, but I guess I just don't know him that well. She seems really happy around him and he seems really happy around her. I guess its that whole protective thing I have going on.

My younger brother got married w/in 3 months of knowing a girl. He spent two years on a church mission and during the 1.5 years he wrote to her (with out having ever met her). They got to know each other that way, which is nice. I already knew her because she was my friends sister, so that was cool. However, I guess since he is a "boy" I felt better about him marrying her (that she wasn't going to "take advantage" of him).

With my sisters, for some reason its different. I need to really know the guy she is dating. When my other (younger) sister got married, i was cool with it. She had been dating the dude for a good year before they decided to seal the deal. By that time, I felt like I knew and trusted him enough.

With Krystal (my soon to be married sister), I don't know the dude enough to trust him. Its just weird. They are still holding out until around March to get married, which is cool I guess. Plus, he hasn't officially "asked her" to marry him, but they have both talked/agreed about it. Kind of weird. My sister is a cool girl, I just hope she is ready for it. In some ways she is very mature, and in other ways, I think she will be shocked at the changes that happen when you are married. Either way, her future husband is going to be a lucky man. She is a cool girl and doesn't have most of the drama/baggage that most other girls come with.

I guess I need to re-evaluate my male feelings about marriage and how its OK to if your brother gets hitched quick, but not your sister. I'll just let Krystal make the right decision.

Then there is my situation. I'm a menace to society in my neck of the woods. I need to do something about my situation. I really do like the idea of getting hitched, but i'm so scared of having a failing marriage again.

I have a few girls I am really close with, some that I think are into me and if I would "make that move" I could be with them, then there is this one who is so mysterious. I think she thinks I'm just a friend, but I don't know how to take things to the next level. She is really cool, has a dope/comforting smile, and is really chill. I still don't feel like I really know her, but its really hard to REALLY know her. I get really nervous around her and don't want to say the wrong things. Man, this dating thing is TOUGH. Oh well. I think I just need to be patient.

My parents always tease/bug me about being single. Its not as bad as most LDS people would think. I'm just glad my parents don't harp on it, like I'm breaking some religious commandment. Their cool like that. Heck, my dad was 29 when he re-married! :)

Well, that is my venting referring to relationships. Glad I got that off my chest!

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