Wednesday, December 29, 2004

His thoughts

He's distracted often, always wanting to catch a glimps of her. Never wanting to miss a single moment of expression on her face. Mesmerized by her inward and outward beauty. In awe of her. Greatful to be in her presence. Proud of who she is.

When she softly tells him the deepest and strongest words of what love is and he agrees with her, his heart beats quickly (nervous if you will) and it tells him that she is "the one". He begins to day dream about "what if". His thoughts wonder to various subjects of road trips, waking up with each other, having children, growing old together. Loving each other.

As much as he is a realist, he's always had an idealistic way on what he wanted in a spouse. Someone caring and smart. Someone beautiful that took care of herself. Someone that could be independent, but needy at the same time (as wierd as that sounds). Someone that would love him for everything he held dear to his own heart. Someone that saw in him so much potential and goodness, that even he was surprized to find it. Someone that he could love back with the same amount of energy.

This is ideal. This is love.

He's happy and he strives to make her happy every day. At times it feels like a dream to him because of how perfect everything seems. How he can't find an area he would disagree with her on. That right there is a scary thing to think of. Could that be real? Could it be healthy?.........Why not? They are happy and that is all that matters.

He loves her unconditionally, and that is all that matters.

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