Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I went with Alene to the Cathedral of the Madeline Choir

It is a childrens choir (with a few adults/older kids as the "baritone" voices) that performs a set for Christmas for free at a beautiful Cathedral downtown SLC. The voices these children have are truly heavenly. Plus, the setting of a dim-lite Cathedral with murals all over the walls makes the setting perfect.

I'm not Catholic, nor do I know much about the Catholic traditions or things they do in their church, but I sure do enjoy the spirit I felt when I listened to the choir.

They had one asian boy that had an amazing voice and started off the program with a solo. We came and saw these kids perform last year as well and he had a few solo's that were amazing. He sang a descant (?), at least that is what I think it's called (I probably sound like an idiot describing it), basically, he had the really high voice you hear in these childrens choirs. His voice was amazing and he sang with so much power that his body rocked back and forth as he sang.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone in SLC reads this blog, but if you do, go see their last presentation tonight at 8pm. You will not be disappointed. It's something that I hope to be able to go see every year at Christmas time with my wife and family.

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  1. When I go to CA for Christmas, I go to a similar concert put on by the Presbyterian Church. Lots of fun. While I cant make it tonight, I am considering attending a Christmas Eve Mass.