Monday, September 26, 2005

We lost another one by 1 point

The 8th grade team I coach lost by 1 point again, although this was the toughest team we will have ever played. This team we played has not lost a game since they've been playing as 9 year olds (13 year olds now). They usually dominate everyone they play by shutting them out and scoring 30-40 points. As we were getting ready to play them, here were the scores of their first 3 games:


We lost 7-6. This is the lowest amount of points they've ever scored. Our defense only allowed them to score on their first drive, in which they were aided by 5 penalties that put them down by the goal line. Other than that, the defense shut them down and came up with big plays when they needed to. Our offense would drive down into scoring position, then we'd do something to beat ourselves. If only we had made our extra point, I know we would have won in OT.

Oh well. Nothing that can be done about it. The two toughest teams we will ever play are out of the way and we lost to them by a combined 2 points. It's a total moral victory thing.

Now it's onto Granite, a team that I don't think has ever won and game and rarely ever scores a TD in a game. Should be fun to let the starters rest early and get the back-ups into the game to get some experience.

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