Monday, September 12, 2005

We won another game this past weekend

It was a pretty good weekend for most of my teams.

For starters, the 8th grade team I coach won their game 26-13. It should have been upwards of 40-0, but we had a few bad break-downs on defense, and some pretty bad officiating. Our RB's ran VERY hard (harder than I've ever seen them run) and we, for the most part played w/o a lot of mistakes.

We have a tough challenge this week in Cottonwood, who was the 2nd place team last year and beat us in the play-offs to take 2nd place.

This year, however, they have lost two games to two teams I would not have expected. They lost to Bountiful, who we KILLED last year and they lost to Taylorsville, who is a good team, but nothing you would expect to beat Cottonwood. It's been rumored that Cottonwood's main RB broke his arm and if that is the case, I could see it limiting them. Still, they had a good QB and another good RB.

Alene and I made it to the BYU-Eastern Illinois (who) game at the end of the 1st quarter. It was good to see BYU play and the offense in person. They won 45-10, but it could have been upwards of 60-10. The offense got stale in the 2nd half and had to punt a lot. BYU has a lot to work out still, but they are most definitely getting better.

Now, the losers. My fantasy FB teams sucked it up this weekend. I have two of them in two different leagues. In one league, I flat-out sucked. In the other league, I scored more points than most of the others in the league, but the dude I'm playing scored off the roof! Oh well.

So now I have to get 1000 copies of a flyer to drop off in my neighborhood for Friends of Scouting and I have to write a review for my English class tonight.

I better get back to work.

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