Sunday, September 18, 2005

My team lost this week 18-19

SO CLOSE!! We beat ourselves though. We didn't convert any of our extra points, and I didn't put the other team's best receiver in double coverage when I should have, which led to our loss.

We played Cottonwood, who beat us 33-0 last year and 26-7 in the playoffs (at the end of the season). The thing that REALLY sucks is we really stopped them on defense. On two of their scores we had them at 3rd and long and they completed a deep pass to a really speedy WR. Seriously, both went for about 50 yards. Then, they returned a KO against us. Other than that, we played a great game.

Our offense moved pretty good as well. We were down 12-19 with around a minute or so to go and one of our studs in the game took a pitch sweep to the right and went for about 40 yards down to the 2 yard line. I've never seen a kid at this level run so hard. He found a little seam, ran up through it, jumped over a kid (literally), cut back across the field, juked out two defenders, raced down the middle and was caught behind. On the next play we scored.

Then, we tried the XP (which in this league, we don't kick FG's, we either run a play from the 2 yd line for 1 point, or from the 5 yd line for 2 points). We went for the tie because we felt our defense could really shut them down in OT. We ran off tackle with our FB for the XP and he was stuffed at the LOS, but then kept churning his feet and falling forward. As he went down, he reached the ball over the goal line, but the refs said his knee was down before he put the ball out.

Man, that was a tough blow to take in the gut. I felt so bad for our kids. They really played their heart out. The two kids who were scored on I felt even more sorry for. They feel like they lost it for us. They didn't though. It's not just their job to cover someone. Our DL and LB's need to get a rush on the QB and force him to throw a bad pass. It didn't happen.

Anyway, I as a coach should have put two people on that dude. He was FAST.

So now we prepare for Judge. This is a team that hasn't lost a game their entire years as FB players (since they were 9 years old). It's going to be tough.

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