Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Have you ever felt over-whelmed, but loving life?

That is how I feel right now, especially with school starting soon.

I'm working (if you call it working) my regular job during the day.

I've been moonlighting as a youth FB coach every evening from 6pm to 8pm, however, you could say from 5pm to 8pm, since I leave my house about 5pm to go pick up 2-5 kids that need rides to practice because their parents don't have a car.

I'm also responsible for the young men in my church ward, most of which are not active.

I have school starting tonight every Monday/Wednesday nights from 5-8:30pm.

I have to speak in church this Sunday and still can't think of a topic. In addition to that, I have to teach my Young Men's class.

Oh yeah, throw in the fact that I also have to coordinate my Young Men's to go try and solicit people for money for "Friends of Scouting" by the 17th of September and beat last year's mark of $1500, that will be a tough one.

Just a lot of stuff. I'm tired, I'm a little burned, but for some reason in my mind, I'm happy. I feel good. I look forward the most to seeing my wife and son, but I feel so bad because by the time I see them, I'm so tired.

We did a nice little camping trip this past weekend though. Went up to the Nebo loop again. Found a pretty good camp site, but the cowboys that were a good 100-200 yards away from us were hooting and hollering till the late evening. It finally took my sister in-law's husband to scream out "SHUT UP!!!" The cowboy's got quiet and let out a couple more hoots, but then settled down.

I honestly wondered what they were doing though. Seriously, they were litterally letting out "hoots" and "hollers" non-stop, like they were dancing around the fire, tossing their beer cans in it? I have no idea. They were drunk no-doubt, but were they just standing around the fire going "hoot hooooooot hooooot" and "yip yip yip yip". It was non-stop.

I guess I'm just glad I don't drink and get drunk. Who knows what I would do.

I got my paintball gun in the mail just as we were leaving for camping on Friday. I was stoked, however the CO2 tank was empty, so no shooting while out in the wild woods. I filled it when I got home and shot it on Monday. Alene and her sister (April) shot it too. I also let Caiden shoot it last night and his eyes lit up. He was hooked on it.

My buddy (who inspired me to buy it) wants to get a bunch of the Young Men's and their leaders from his ward and go paintballing this Saturday morning. I think I'll be able to make it, just need to check with the missus.

From now on, you will likely get a good weekly update on how my football team I coach is doing. I am really into them and helping make them better men and football players.

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